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Apple Announces QuickTime Conferencing 1.5, QuickTime Conferencing to Window


Apple Computer has announced QuickTime Conferencing (QTC) 1.5, the latest version of Apple's multiplatform, industry-standard product family for multimedia communication and collaboration over the Internet. These products are expected to be available beginning later this year.

Apple's QTC 1.5 breaks through previous barriers with its network independence, scalability, conformance to industry standards, and development-friendly infrastructure. Apple also announced that it is developing a Windows version of these products with Intelligence at Large. (See the next news item for details.)

The extended capabilities of QTC 1.5 are designed to make audio-visual conferencing easier, faster, and more practical than ever. Families, schools, far-flung enterprises, and remotely located employees and contractors will now be able to take advantage of networked conferencing.

Major feature enhancements of QTC 1.5 include

* 28.8-Kbps modem use * a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) card * application and screen sharing through Farallon's Timbuktu Pro * file transfer * object-based shared whiteboard enhancements * the capability to receive a call via multiple networks, including Ethernet, ISDN, and the Internet

Apple Extends QuickTime Conferencing to Windows

Apple Computer and Intelligence at Large (IAL) announced that IAL will develop a Windows version of Apple's QuickTime Conferencing system extension. QuickTime Conferencing (QTC) ( is Apple's multiplatform industry standard for online multimedia communication and collaboration.

As a result of the availability of QuickTime Conferencing for Windows, developers of applications for the Windows platform will be able to create conferencing tools for use over the Internet or local networks that interact with Macintosh-based QTC applications. Thus, users everywhere will be able to take advantage of the multiplatform capabilities inherent in Apple's QuickTime Conferencing technology.

"We think the availability of QuickTime Conferencing for Windows will enable a whole new series of cooperative and collaborative applications across the two platforms," said Carlos Montalvo, acting vice president of Apple's Interactive Media Group.


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