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The first QuickTime Tool Kit for Internet Developers


The first tool kit for optimal design and playback of "fast start" QuickTime movies as well as GIF89 and JPEG animations is being introduced by Intelligence at Large, Inc. in partnership with Terran Interactive. The bundle, which includes Intelligence at Large Inc.'s MovieStar 1.5 multimedia authoring software along with Terran Interactive's Movie Cleaner Pro 1.2 and Web-Motion plug-in compression utilities, features a substantial $150 cost savings.

"The decision to pair MovieStar 1.5's intuitive capabilities for combining video, 3D graphics, pictures, sounds and MIDI music, with the fast, user-friendly compression features of Movie Cleaner Pro 1.2 and Web-Motion represents an industry milestone," said Cart Reed, president of Intelligence at Large. "This combination of products gives users a unique opportunity to purchase everything they need to author leading-edge QuickTime and animation files at an unparalleled price.

" Unlike any competing product, MovieStar 1.5 is simple to use because it treats elements of a "fast start" QuickTime movie or Web animation as objects that appear at intervals designated by the user. Objects can be dragged or pasted into a project window, providing users with the flexibility to undo any step. From zooms, fades, and wipes, to scrolling titles, voice-overs, background music, split-screens, color-tints and see-through effects, MovieStar 1.5's built-in features allow users to make "fast start" QuickTime movies or looped GIF89 and compressed JPEG animations that are formatted for playback on the World Wide Web -- without requiring any special Web server software or the use of a video camera.

For users who want to record video, MovieStar also uses any video source that can be connected to a Macintosh. The product works with all QuickTime plug-ins, helper applications, viewers and editors. System requirements include a Power Mac or any 68040 processor with 12MB of RAM and a CD-ROM drive. MovieCleaner Pro is the only dedicated QuickTime compression utility that efficiently allows users to compress video for CD-ROM or the World Wide Web. The latest release, Version 1.2, includes built-in IMA audio compression, adaptive noise reduction, de-interlacing, gamma correction, improved audio sampling, drag and drop batch processing of up to 2,000 movies, image rescaling, before and after preview, and more. Its easy-to-use interface includes an onboard integrated expert system which walks you through the compression process and ensures that your movie will play back on both Windows machines and Macs. It supports all QuickTime 2.0 compatible codecs and is Power Mac accelerated.

Web-Motion is a plug-in that enhances the features of MovieCleaner Pro. Designed to demystify the process for compressing video for the World Wide Web, Web-Motion includes a new expert system that helps Web Masters make the right choices when preparing "fast start" QuickTime movies or animations. By displaying sample videos, Web-Motion allows users to see the results of specific frame rates, codecs and playback sizes. This enables developers to quickly and easily custom tailor their compression solutions. After a file is compressed, Web-Motion also eliminates the need for extra HTML code by automatically embedding it in your page.

MovieStar 1.5, MovieCleaner Pro 1.2 and Web-Motion will be available for $299.95 at MacWorld from Intelligence at Large in the Bayside Exposition Center, booth no. 639, Terran Interactive in the World Trade Center, booth no. 5826 and selected vendors at their respective booth locations. Customers can also purchase the bundle during MACWORLD from the IAL secure server at . For more information on Terran's software, visit their Web site


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