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One-Button Color Calibration and Accurate ColorMatching NEW PressView and ProSense Software Update


Radius Inc. will release ProSense and PressView 1.7 software for Apple Macintosh computers at the Seybold Publishing Exposition in San Francisco.

The new releases will increase overall functionality by implementing a single "ColorMatch" button and support for the original PressView 21.

"The 1.7 ProSense one-button calibration will accurately and automatically setup brightness, contrast, color temperature and gray response curves for optimal viewing of softproofs," said Karl Lang, Radius director of color technology.

"This automatic calibration will optimize the accuracy of viewing images that use Radius' ColorMatch profiles as well as simplify the overall procedure of using a display to proof color-critical images."

ProSense 1.7 will also introduce Radius' ColorMatch 2.0 profiles. These two-way (previewing and separation of CMYK images) profiles are bundled free-of-charge and are available to all registered owners of the Radius ProSense Display Calibrator. Any ColorSync (ICC) compliant application such as Adobe PageMaker 6.01 or Live Picture 2.5, can take advantage of ColorMatch 2.0 profiles.

Radius also provides PhotoShop users with plug-in separation tables that provide the same functionality as the ColorSync profile. Users will benefit from having a one-button solution for viewing and separating color images.

Customer Profile

Color prepress professionals involved in the scanning, manipulation, and color correction of images to be used in print media.


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