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Radius Announces Radius Edit 2.0


Radius Inc. announced today that it is shipping a new version of Radius Edit with VideoVision PCI

Radius Edit 2.0 incorporates new editing features that include unlimited layering, audio rubber-banding, redigitization enhancements and faster editing performance. It also includes high quality special effect filters such as Chroma and Luma keying and Pan Zoom Rotate to provide integrated compositing and animation control.

"With the combination of Radius Edit 2.0 and VideoVision, Radius creates the ultimate digital video editing environment. Now, digital editors can explore new areas of creativity and get professional results on their desktop," said Rhonda Stratton, Radius' digital video product marketing manager.

Radius Edit 2.0 combines the professional features of a dual display, three-point editor with unlimited layers and alpha channel support for compositing, and multiple keyframeable effects for animation of all FX parameters. It also provides a number of key features including redigitizing with trim and frame resizing, PZR (Pan-Zoom-Rotate), an enhanced version of the 3D animation DVE filter from VideoFusion, rubber-banding of audio, faster editing and rendering, and unlimited layers of audio and video.

New Features Summary

-- Pan Zoom Rotate allows customers to manipulate their video in 3D with true perspective using sub-pixel interpolation.

-- Chroma/Luma Keying provides customers with clean mattes for unlimited layering of video, sophisticated softness, transparency, and tolerance sliders offer unprecedented accuracy and performance.

-- Audio Rubber-banding is used to directly manipulate the audio track volume at any point in time allowing for smooth transitions of audio volume.

-- Unlimited Layers of video, audio, still images, and 3D graphics can be layered to create composite content.

-- Enhanced PICT Import enables customers to directly manipulate size and crop while maintaining alpha channel characteristics.

-- Immediate FX Preview allows customers to edit special effects in real-time.

-- Power PC Native code greatly improves performance.

-- Enhanced EDL Support for CMX 3400/3600, GVG and Sony EDL formats.

Radius Edit 2.0 is ships with Radius' PCI based digital video editing solutions. At this time, Radius Edit is not available as a retail product. Existing Radius Edit 1.0 customers may upgrade to version 2.0 for a $15 shipping and handling charge. Owners of VideoFusion, the Radius special effects product for QuickTime may upgrade to Radius Edit 2.0 for $199. Upgrades are available now by calling Radius at 800/867-9916.


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