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Radius Cuts Prices on Super Resolution PCI Graphics Cards


Radius, Inc. announced a significant price reduction on their ThunderPower 30/1920, Thunder 30/1600 and PrecisionColor 24/1600 PCI-based graphics cards for the Mac. This aggressive pricing strategy makes Radius a performance price leader in the highly competitive market of graphics accelerators.

"Radius graphics cards are designed to provide creative professionals with all levels of functionality, resolution, speed and high performance. Because of the great success of these products, were are pleased to offer a significant savings on our biggest selling ThunderPower, Thunder 30, and PrecisionColor 24 graphics cards. With the money saving price reductions on these productive, high performance graphics cards Radius customers are assured of a great return on investment," said Jennifer Johnson, Radius' Director of Sales & Marketing for North America.

New Pricing

-- ThunderPower 30/1920 has a new suggested retail price of $1,399, reduced from $1,999.

-- Thunder 30/1600 has a new suggested retail price of $799, reduced from $1,199.

-- PrecisionColor 24/1600 has a new suggested retail price of $499, reduced from $599.

Product Descriptions

ThunderPower 30/1920

Radius' fastest graphics card ever offered, the ThunderPower 30/1920 graphics card, combines a variety of features including enhanced Super Resolution 1920 x 1080, and 30-bit full color graphics at every resolution (30-bit capabilities require Radius ProSense Display Calibrator) for the color publishing professional. Radius 30-bit graphics capabilities provide the color publisher with a palette of billions of vivid colors for the most realistic on screen color representation yet. In addition the board offers, on board QuickDraw acceleration, and true hardware pan and zoom.

Thunder 30/1600

Radius' Thunder 30/1600 (resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200) card is geared toward professional design and layout applications and is also optimal for color critical applications, turning any Mac OS-based PCI system into a professional color workstation by providing the fastest Photoshop acceleration available via an upgradeable ColorEngine Photoshop accelerator daughtercard.

PrecisionColor 24/1600

The PrecisionColor 24/1600 (resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1600 x 1200) card, with a lower price point and mainstream-oriented features delivers Super Resolution display clarity to improve the productivity of corporate color users. As with all of these products Radius' well known RadiusWare software provides our Dynamic Desktop software which switches resolutions on the fly, and provides lightning fast pan and zoom.

Product Features

-- Super Resolution offers customers the clearest, sharpest, highest detailed images available. Displays up to 92% more information and colors than the highest resolutions provided by standard two-page 1152 x 870 graphics.

-- QuickColor Graphic Acceleration provides QuickDraw acceleration of scrolls, zooms, and onscreen graphics.

-- 96-bit data path enables faster on-board processing.

-- ChromaFlow 30-bit Technology increases color accuracy by providing a palette of more than 1 billion colors to choose from, when used in conjunction with Radius' ProSense Display Calibrator.

-- Dynamic Desktop Software enables hot-key resolution and bit-depth switching on-the-fly as well as hardware pan and zoom.


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