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Radius Ships VideoVision PCI


Radius Inc. announced it is shipping VideoVision PCI, the next generation of its industry standard, non-linear, professional video editing solution for Apple Macintosh Computers. VideoVision PCI is a QuickTime native video editing and Special Effects system based on high quality Motion-JPEG technology. Radius Edit 2.0 and Adobe After Effects 3.1 are included, creating a highly integrated professional desktop digital video editing environment .

VideoVision PCI is a single-slot video hardware interface that captures and plays back full-frame, full-motion composite and S-video in either NTSC or PAL format and synchronized CD quality 16-bit stereo audio. It is compatible with hundreds of off-the-shelf QuickTime applications and PCI-based Mac OS machines including the 7500, 7600, 8500 and 9500 models from Apple Computer. Featuring superior functionality, VideoVision PCI supports 24-bit color and convolution when viewing a Macintosh desktop on an NTSC or PAL monitor, which provides a flicker-free work space without sacrificing quality during video playback.

Roberta Margolis, founder of Runway Editing, Hollywood's leading supplier of nonlinear video editing solutions to television, motion pictures, and independent film makers said, "I think products like Radius' new video editing tools will narrow the gap between broadcast solutions and professional desktop video. Independent video professionals now have an alternate tool to produce motion based materials at an affordable price."

Hardware Features Summary

-- Higher Data Rates and New Encoding Technology provide compression ratios of 3:1 to 50:1 and higher quality video.

-- Two Composite, Two S-Video, and Two Stereo Inputs located on the external connector panel provide up to four video sources and two audio sources that can be configured without any recabling hassles.

-- 24-bit Convolution allows customers to utilize their NTSC or PAL monitor as desktop for their video production application improving productivity and ease of use, this feature is unique to the VideoVision product-line.

-- Interpolated Zoom allows customers to use lower resolution proxy images during production while still providing full screen playback and output to tape. This feature is unavailable in other video systems at this price point.

-- Audio Synchronization Hardware provides 16-bit stereo audio at 44 and 48kHz clock synched to video.

-- Native File Format Compatible with the installed base of VideoVision Studio and Telecast products.

VideoVision PCI is available now at a U.S. suggested retail price of $3,999, which includes Radius Edit 2.0, Adobe After Effects 3.1, Pipeline ProVTR, emotion Creative Partner and Alsoft DiskExpress. Existing VideoVision customers can receive a special $500 rebate until October 1, 1996 when they purchase a new VideoVision PCI system. This offer is available now by calling Radius at (800) 227-2795.


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