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REPEAT/MAC Products Allow Web Sites to Broadcast Live


Two products that easily let Web sites broadcasts live, continuously updated color video and application windows, as well as automatically play QuickTime movies in "fast start" format, have been introduced by Intelligence at Large, Inc.

HomeView is designed for web administrators who want to play live color video input from any video source on a client's web site. The video can be viewed from the server through any browser supporting MultiPart MIME, including Netscape Navigator 2.0 and 3.0, as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer, without the need for a Web browser plug-in.

The product serves video input when WebSTAR runs on a Power Macintosh with video-in support (or a Connectix QuickCam or equivalent.) HomeView also increases the multimedia capabilities of a Web page by displaying application windows that are shown on the server, allowing users to broadcast live data from any application on the Web site. It is compatible with every video source that can connect to a Mac, including video cameras, VCRs, video disc players and live video feeds. HomeView also works over Internet connections of any speed.

AutoStreamer enables the WebSTAR 1.3 server to automatically show QuickTime movies in the "fast start" mode from any Web page without altering the site or converting files, enabling Web browsers to watch standard QuickTime movies while they download. Webmasters would need to convert their older QuickTime movies or re-configure new ones before placing them on a Web Site. AutoStreamer is supported by Apple's QuickTime plug-in (which comes with every copy of Netscape Navigator 3.0), and Intelligence at Large's MovieStar plug-in for Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 and above. The product is also compatible with all older QuickTime viewers and helper applications. Like HomeView, AutoStreamer works with WebSTAR, version 1.3 servers that run on Power Macintoshes.

Both HomeView and AutoStreamer will display to as many users as the WebSTAR 1.3 server can support. WebSTAR administrators simply drag the plug-ins into a special WebSTAR folder and restart the server. The plug-ins automatically configure themselves as a WebSTAR user-defined ACTION. Web browsers across all platforms can view pages that take advantage of HomeView and AutoStreamer's features.

HomeView and AutoStreamer can now be purchased jointly as a single-license package for $99 or as a site-license package for $149 through a special introductory offer. After August 15, the plug-ins will be available for single-license use at $99 each or $149 together. Both products will also then be offered for site-license use at $199.


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