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No Not PMS...PWS Personal Web Server Download Beta


ResNova Software, Inc introduced PWS, a low-profile, full featured personal web server for Apple Macintosh. Available immediately for beta testing, PWS is an easy to use and affordable solution that lets any MacOS based computer double as a web server. PWS allows a broad and diverse audience to take advantage of the Internet to share information and to exchange files. PWS has simple tools that let every user customize a home page with text and graphics, and create simple web pages, without ever touching an HTML document or writing a single line of HTML code.

"ResNova is consistently looking for ways to make Internet technologies accessible to wider audiences. Web servers have revolutionized how people publish documents, and with the introduction of PWS, every networked Macintosh user can take advantage of this innovation. By giving every workstation the ability to make documents available on a network, PWS makes collaborative computing a reality," said Alex Hopmann, ResNova's President and Chief Software Architect.

Designed to allow every desktop Macintosh to be on the Internet, PWS runs in the background and is optimized to serve data efficiently while minimizing the memory and processor time used by the server. The server's robust feature set includes a wide range of functions previously reserved for more expensive web servers, as well as a number of useful features that are were previously unavailable in any Macintosh web server. A simple control panel interface allows users to set up the server and to monitor and log web server activity. Macintosh Personal File Sharing provides a simple mechanism for users to control access to the server.

PWS is a less expensive, more efficient, and more convenient solution than traditional web servers because it includes integrated support for image maps, server-side includes (dynamic web pages), automatic form processing, and directory browsing. PWS also supports CGIs, ACGIs and WebSTAR Server API (W*API) plug-ins, allowing end-users and third parties to extend the server's functionality.

Pricing and Availability: PWS is currently available for beta testing. PWS version 1.0 is expected to be released in August of 1996 for a single user license fee of $39.00 (US), and will be available for purchase on the Internet. Site licenses are also available.

Download the beta software.


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