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MVP Solutions Announces Retrieve It! 2.5 Search the Internet


MVP Solutions today released Retrieve It! 2.5, an Internet savvy upgrade to their popular Macintosh find-by-name and find-by-content utility. Retrieve It! 2.5 lets users quickly find what they are looking for on their hard drives and on the Internet.

Retrieve It! 2.5 works with major web browsers (including Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, AOL Browser, and NCSA Mosaic) to let users search the world wide web, recent news articles, classified ads, and Usenet -- and look up stock quotes, email addresses, and other online information -- typically at least twice as fast as using a Web browser directly. Retrieve It! 2.5 provides short cuts to powerful Internet search services -- including AltaVista, InfoSeek, Yahoo, PCQuote, Four11, and others.

Retrieve It! 2.5 also lets users quickly search hard drives, zip disks, servers, CD ROMs, and other volumes, to find files that mention specified words and phrases in their content or in their names. Retrieve It! can search through hundreds of saved email messages, word processor documents, scanned and OCRd pages, and other files in seconds. Users can open found items, peek inside them (to locate and copy specific text), reveal their icons in the Finder (making it easy to rename, copy, move, and print the items), save aliases to them, and drag-and-drop them to the Finder. With the use of English-like Search Operators, users can perform sophisticated text retrieval -- finding, for example, documents containing kayaking and San Juan but not sharks. And users can open Web pages and create email messages simply by clicking on URLs and email addresses seen in found files.


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