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Natural Intelligence Releases Roaster2.3, Download Demo


Natural Intelligence, Inc. has released the newest update of Roaster, the Development Environment for Java. Roaster was the first development environment for creating applets and applications in Sun(tm) Microsystems, Inc.'s Javaprogramming language on the Macintosh platform

This latest release, Roaster Developer's Release 2.3, furthers the functionality of the development environment by including support for Sun's JDK 1.0.2. This release also dramatically increases the stability of the development environment for Java.

Russell Neufeld, one of the Senior Developers of Roaster noted: "We are very pleased with this updated version which reflects the great strides taken toward the stabilization of our Virtual Machine. We have done this without compromising the speed of execution, and without increasing memory requirements."

Richard Cook, Roaster Technical Support Coordinator, pointed out that many of the improvements and enhancements were in direct response to the comments and suggestions of Roaster users and beta testers. "We are very grateful for this feedback, since so many Roaster users are highly skilled, professional developers who currently use Roaster for applet and application development in their workplace."

Java Product Manager John Dhabolt commented that "recent releases of the debugger, the interface brewer, and the support for Sun's current JDK, gives Roaster customers the most complete development environment for Java on the Mac. DR2.3's focus on these key components help to ensure that Roaster works seamlessly with world-class Java applets and applications. Natural Intelligence is actively working with many non-Macintosh based companies to ensure that Roaster users will be able to incorporate these new technologies into cross platform development strategies."

Roaster owners can download Roaster DR2.3 from the Roaster website.

Roaster is available for $129 and includes DR2.0 on CD, A subscription to Roaster is also available for $199 and adds one additional CD release. Roaster is available for educational use at $69 (non-subscription).

A free demo is available for download you must fill out the registration first.


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