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Heidi Roizen Says Mac CD-ROM Sales Data Skewed


Software developers selling Apple Computer Inc's Macintosh-based applications are getting a bum deal because of faulty sales data, said Heidi Roizen, vice president of Apple developer relations.

Roizen said most hybrid CD-ROMs, which can run on either Macintosh or Microsoft Corp's Windows platforms, are recorded in closely-watched industry surveys as Windows sales. But many of the hybrid CD-ROMs are sold to and used by Macintosh users, she said.

"We know that we're getting zero of that business reported as Mac," she told reporters during the MACWORLD Expo in Boston. "Macintosh is grossly under represented because of the hybrid issue. That's hurting the development community."

Roizen said start-up software developers are sometimes denied money by venture capitalists who use the faulty data to justify Windows-based applications.

Separately, Apple executives said Microsoft, which sells about 30 Macintosh applications, should cut the lag time between its Windows and Macintosh releases from about six to nine months.

"We believe that a realistic amount of four to six months. They haven't agreed with us," said Brian Gentile, head of "evangelism" within Apple's developer relations unit.

Dave Meltzer, group product manager for Microsoft's Macintosh applications, said Microsoft is trying to cut the lag-time, "but that's not the primary goal."

Meltzer, also at the MACWORLD Expo, said Microsoft takes the extra time to ensure quality.

Noting that Microsoft's Macintosh business is about the same time as Microsoft's Netherlands business, Meltzer added, "We don't rush the Dutch language software out."


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