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By The Numbers Announces Free Church Software, Download here


By The Numbers, Inc. has broadened its line of church management software by releasing a freeware copy of ROLL CALL on the Internet.

ROLL CALL 200 is for smaller churches with less than 200 people including members, children, visitors, missionaries, community contacts etc. It is identical to the standard version. Gene McGlasson, President of BTN, stated that the "ROLL CALL product family serves the shepherding needs of all churches, large and small, with power and ease."

Individuals are linked together with their family relationships and church involvements. Recording and reporting of attendance, visitation, donations, skills and interests, significant dates, mailings and participation in various church groups are done readily with no redundant data entry. ROLL CALL's password protected visitation and counseling records help pastors administer special shepherding needs.

As Kay Hall, well-known author of "The Ministry Macintosh," points out in a recent review, "ROLL CALL is full of details that prove it is the product of feedback from real people in real churches." The user-friendly point and click interface with drop-down selection lists for many fields, enables staff or volunteers with little or no computer experience to readily learn how to use its powerful features. Users can easily customize ROLL CALL by using their own terminology to accommodate the needs of their local church, social and community activities. Kay Hall notes that, "ROLL CALL does a terrific job with the high visibility function of reporting."

ROLL CALL is based upon ACI's 4th Dimension, a powerful relational database manager. All four versions of the ROLL CALL family are forward compatible. Larger churches may network both Macintosh and Windows computers using 4D Server, ACI's networking software. Kay Hall reports, "ROLL CALL is the only full featured church management software offering client/server technology. Much faster than standard networking, client/server architecture lets you use a dedicated machine to efficiently serve up ROLL CALL data to other computers, be they Mac, or Windows." Other versions of ROLL CALL are:

ROLL CALL 300: Limited to 300 people. ROLL CALL: The standard program, no practical limit. ROLL CALL Plus: An enhanced version providing more customization options and additional reporting capabilities.

Prices range from ROLL CALL 200 which is free over the Internet to ROLL CALL Plus for $795. ROLL CALL 200 is also available on disk with the manual and 30 days support for $50. For further information contact By The Numbers, Inc., at RR 1 Box 75, Sutton NH 03221-9301, 800-554-9116, FAX: 603-927-4716. Email:

Download Roll Call 200 for Power Mac.

Download Roll Call 200 for 68K Mac.


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