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Video Flyer, Next Generation Video Conferencing System


High speed, affordable system works with PC, Mac or TV "Companies are looking for ways to convert wasted commuting and travel time to productive time and a higher quality of life for employees. They're also looking for ways to get closer to their customer. Until now, the two were mutually exclusive goals." -- Don Lies, CEO RSI Systems. RSI Systems, Inc. announced its next generation video conferencing system at the TeleCon -- the national teleconferencing users conference -- in Anaheim. The Eris Video Flyer 2000 "flies" at 384K bits/second roughly twice the speed of its predecessor, the Eris 1000. The improved image quality is comparable to regular television images, which is needed for applications like telemedicine, advertising and education.

"Sixty percent of all management communication is visual," said Don Lies, RSI's CEO. "Organizations understand they must control ballooning travel costs while providing faster, more efficient communication between managers and knowledge workers. High quality, full-motion images not only save on travel costs, they allow faster, more efficient communication because users see and hear what is being communicated."

According to RSI customer research, videoconferencing users have four main buying criteria -- versatility, simplicity of operation, high-quality picture/audio and bottom-line value.

One System for Many Platforms

The new Video Flyer provides complete versatility. The Eris Video Flyer 2000 is the only product available worldwide that operates as a computer-based or computer-free system and is fully cross- platform compatible between Apple Macintosh, IBM-compatible PC or a television monitor.

RSI was the first company to introduce a simple, standalone video conferencing system. Installation takes 10 minutes and does not require opening up the computer to install boards. Because the system is completely cross-platform compatible, it can be interchanged between PCs and Macs and automatically converts documents when a PC user communicates with a remote Mac or TV monitor user.

Leapfrogging off the award winning Eris 1000 operating design, the Eris Video Flyer 2000 takes full of advantage of videoconferencing features that industry watchers such as MacWorld and Network Computing labeled "Editor's Choice" and "Product of the Year." Finally, the Video Flyer brings value to day-to-day business by lowering operational costs and improving productivity.

PC-Free for the Computer Allergic

The new Eris Video Flyer 2000 can also be used with RSI's recently announced family of "PC-free" systems, designed for non- computer-oriented professional. The PC-free version comes in three models: a credenza-top model for executives, a roll-around system for workgroups, and a portable system for rental and hotel use. The monitor is a television set and the "user interface" is a phone set or remote control."

"We've created the most highly versatile platform available," said Lies. "With Eris you have one system that is compatible with any work style and any workgroup. Mac zealots can work with PC devotees; computer power users can work with the computer-allergic. And they all can work face-to-face cross country."

The Eris Video Flyer, priced at $5,995, supports 384K bits/second connections and will be compatible with 128K bits/second connections. Availability is planned for December. Upgrade migration options are available for current Eris 1000 users. The system is designed to be completely software compatible with the current Eris 1000 system.


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