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Mac OS Runtime for Java Lets Mac OS Applications View Java Applets


This week Apple executives fulfilled a MACWORLD promise by providing developers with a Mac OS Runtime for Java, a runtime that makes Java easily accessible to both Macintosh users and developers. Mac OS Runtime for Java--based Sun Microsystems' Java technology, which is licensed by Apple--integrates Java with Mac OS, Live Objects, and Cyberdog 1.1.

In the 1.0 release of Mac OS Runtime for Java, you can make your applications "Java-enabled"--meaning that your customers will be able to view Java applets by means of a stand-alone application included with the product. Mac OS Runtime for Java also includes an applet viewer that's implemented as a Live Object, enabling Cyberdog 1.1 (see) and other Live Object documents to view Java applets. The 1.0 version of Mac OS Runtime for Java will be bundled with future versions of the Mac OS and will enable users to run Java applets inside any Java-enabled Mac application.

You can find the prerelease version of Mac OS Runtime for Java at the Apple Developer Tools Web site



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