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SALSA, Application Viewer For Business Users on The Intranet, No Mac Version Slated!


Wall Data Inc. announced that the SALSA Application Viewer is available immediately, extending the SALSA product family that provides rich database application solutions.

With SALSA for the Desktop -- voted by PC Magazine, PC/Computing and Windows Technical Journal as one of the most important products of the year -- business users build applications that work the way they think, change them any time they need, and share the applications and reports with a click of the mouse.

Now, with the SALSA Application Viewer, corporate IS, application developers and business users in workgroups can easily distribute and share SALSA applications over email, their networks and the Intranet, as well as use applications that access live data without SALSA for the Desktop on their personal computers.

Building on SALSA software's patented Semantic Object Modeling technology, the SALSA Application Viewer allows users to run and efficiently deploy custom, changeable and secure applications over the Intranet with a choice of database back ends, including Microsoft Access. All that is needed is the SALSA Application Viewer as the common user interface to run one or more SALSA applications.

"We recognize that the Intranet is an increasingly critical corporate resource," said Kris Kelsay, Product Manager for Wall Data's SALSA Business Unit. "The SALSA Application Viewer leverages the Intranet in new ways, bringing dynamic SALSA applications to groups of people who need to keep track of their business data -- from time cards, RSVPs, 401K participants, and office supplies, to expenses, employees, customers, name it!"

Features and Benefits of the SALSA Application Viewer

  • With the SALSA Application Viewer, corporate IS, application developers and business users can:
  • Find and run any SALSA application that has been shared or emailed in the network or Intranet environment
  • Enter, modify and delete data
  • Import data using existing import scripts
  • Search for records based on pre-defined or new search criteria
  • Print, view and email reports in a variety of formats
  • Email SALSA applications to other users of SALSA for the Desktop or the SALSA Application Viewer

Making it Easy: Two SALSA Intranet Applications Are Included

The SALSA Application Viewer includes two of the most often requested, ready-to-use Intranet applications, complete with forms, reports and sample data. They are:

The SALSA Phone List Organizer for office managers, administrative assistants, executives, sales people - anyone who needs to keep track of phone numbers in a single, easily accessible location. The SALSA Phone List Organizer will help users quickly find phone numbers, send email to specified people and print contact reports, name badges, and mailing labels.

The SALSA Materials Checkout Log for administrative assistants, facilities managers, librarians -- anyone who needs to keep track of shared resources. It keeps track of materials in inventory, serial numbers, descriptions, checkout fees, replacement costs, conference room schedules, borrowers, checkout dates, due dates, deposits, and more.

System Requirements

The SALSA Application Viewer requires a personal computer with a 386 or higher processor, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher, a minimum of 8 megabytes of RAM (12 megabytes recommended), a hard disk with approximately 11-15 megabytes of free disk space for a complete install, a VGA or higher display, a Windows-compatible mouse or pointing device, and approximately 1 megabyte of additional free hard disk space for each SALSA application installed.

All SALSA products are available directly from Wall Data in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. An interactive demonstration, the SALSA Story, provides more information on the product. This complimentary CD-ROM or 3.5 diskette, as well as all SALSA products, can be ordered at (800) 98SALSA.

The SALSA Application Viewer, including the two Intranet applications, carries a list price of $49. Other SALSA products include:

SALSA for the Desktop, create, change, share and run SALSA applications. List price, $350.

The SALSA Up and Running Video Learning System, a video and workbook that gets SALSA for the Desktop users building database applications in less than one hour. List price, $49.

SALSA Starter Kits, to jump-start the creation of popular kinds of applications, from Asset Management to Marketing, to Time and Billing and more. Each Starter Kit includes a catalog of ready-made templates and sample models specific to its target application. List price, $49 each. Call 800/98SALSA for a complete list of available starter kits.


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