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Asante New Web-Based Network Management Program, Download FREE


Asante Technologies, Inc. introduced IntraSpection, the first web-based network management program to provide users with customized management solutions and total support for every SNMP-based network device on the market.

IntraSpection is not only shattering previous networking limitations by offering management of any network device, it is also taking management to a new level by enabling customized support for those devices to provide more comprehensive functionality. This customization is available through Asante plug-in Personality Modules that are sold as additions to the basic IntraSpection software, at unparalleled low prices. Further, because IntraSpection allows for programming in HTML instead of the customary C++, network managers can quickly create customized management modules on their own, a capability previously unheard of in the networking industry.

In an aggressive move to establish IntraSpection as the de facto industry standard for network management, Asante is making the basic IntraSpection software available to everyone; users can download the software at no cost, via the company's web site (we could not find it)

."We are taking this bold approach to IntraSpection because it is the first product to finally deliver on the promise of network management and offer what customers have been waiting for," said Paul Smith, vice president of marketing at Asante. "Customers want a cost-effective, cohesive network management environment in which all of their products work together. IntraSpection is the answer and we want everyone to have it."

Asante's plug-in Personality Modules provide more detailed management of vendor products and are loaded onto the same server where the IntraSpection solution resides. Personality modules supporting the Asante Fast 100 Hub, 3Com's LinkSwitch 1000 Ethernet switch and Bay Networks' 2800 stackable 10 BASE-T hub will be available immediately.

Support for all products from key networking vendors, including 3Com, Bay, Cabletron and Cisco will be available within the next six months.

How IntraSpection Works

IntraSpection allows network managers to locate, correct and track network problems from any client on the network equipped with a web browser. Network managers simply load the software on their Windows NT-based workstation. When a network device experiences a problem, it sends an error message to the IntraSpection Trap Manager, which captures and logs the problem through a Windows-based OBDC database interface.

The network manager can access the error log and view system events via any off-the-shelf, SQL-based database, from any client, regardless of whether it's on the network or an independent device. IntraSpection tracks the "health history" of the network, providing the network manager with a comprehensive, historical record of network problems and resolutions.

Unique IntraSpection features include:

-- Ease of Modification -- IntraSpection allows users to develop a customized device management system using one HTML page, as opposed to other solutions which require knowledge of C and C++ languages, as well as SNMP programming. Customers may create their own management modules with IntraSpection or use the Personality modules offered by Asante, which have the same look and feel and feature extensions that were previously only available with vendors' proprietary network management packages.

-- Ease of use -- By leveraging web technology, IntraSpection offers network managers the same Internet interface they're already familiar with, making it easy to use.

-- Platform-independent -- Network managers can use any web browser, on any client (Windows NT, Unix or Macintosh) on the network.

-- Reporting Capabilities -- Java technology enables IntraSpection to deliver real-time network status monitoring, statistical graphs and tables, network discoveries and problem reports that can be continually updated and automatically delivered to the network manager.

-- Full Standards Support -- Network administrators can manage the entire network through a standards-based network management foundation. IntraSpection is compliant with SNMP, MIB II, Standard Repeater MIB, and Standard Bridge MIB.

-- Network Mapping -- IntraSpection's Map Manager function instantly builds and displays a map of the network and incorporates changes, deletions and additions to the network as needed. Network functions can be displayed in graphical or tabular form.

-- Security -- IntraSpection provides login verification along with traditional password protection. Users can also choose to leverage the Secure Socket Layer-based web server which offers bullet-proof encryption mechanisms for all data traffic.

The Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) multi-vendor alliance was recently formed by BMC Software and other vendors to establish Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)-approved standards for web-based network management software. Asante is supporting the goal of both the WBEM and other emerging alliances to provide standards that allow vendors to develop integrated, platform-independent network management applications.

The basic IntraSpection software will be available to download from the Asante Web site at in mid-November. The product will ship through distribution in early December of this year. IntraSpection documentation, service and support will be provided separately and will be list priced at $295.00.

Personality Modules are list priced at $99.00 per module. The first three modules available will support the Asante Fast 100 Hub, 3Com's LinkSwitch 1000 and Bay Network's 2800. Availability of additional modules will be announced over the next several months. The Vendor Pack, a bundle of vendor-specific device Personality Modules, is list priced at $795.00.

Advanced SNMP modules, which perform sophisticated network management tasks, are also available separately. More detailed information about these modules, as well as pricing and availability will be announced later this year.

IntraSpection Pro includes the basic IntraSpection package plus advanced features such as RMON, paging, e-mail, MIB Walker and Boot p/tftp, which enables better management of multi-vendor networks. IntraSpection Pro also provides access to the Advanced Modules and will be available in December.


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