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Shockwave Bundled With The Apple Internet Connection Kit


Macromedia, Inc. announced that Shockwave, the most popular plug-in for multimedia on the Internet, will be bundled with the Apple Internet Connection Kit 1.2. By simply clicking one button, users can access the Internet and experience interactive multimedia, professional quality animations, 2D and 3D graphics and high-quality streaming audio.

Shockwave is the World Wide Web's most popular multimedia plug-in with more than 12 million Shockwave players downloaded from Macromedia's Web site and 15 million Shockwave enabled browsers expected by the end of the year. With its inclusion in the Apple Internet Connection Kit, Web users can now instantly visit shocked sites such as Warner Bros. Records, Capitol Records, CNN, Paramount's "Escape From LA," Virgin Interactive, People Magazine, the Discovery Channel Online and Sportsline USA.

The Apple Internet Connection Kit 1.2 with Macromedia Shockwave is immediately available from authorized Apple resellers in the United States. Once users have the kit loaded on their computers they can visit Macromedia's Web site for links to hundreds of the most exciting Websites on the Internet.


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