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Apple's Back-To-School "Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools"


Apple Computer, Inc. recently launched an exciting back-to-school promotion called "Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools" to help both parents and educators provide students, from kindergarten through grade 12, with greater access to computer technology--at home and at school. When families purchase qualifying Apple Macintosh Performa computers and Apple printers from July 13 through October 6, they can get a mail-in cash rebate and help their schools earn points toward Apple and Apple compatible hardware and software products.

"As the leader in bringing computer technology to schools, this is Apple's way of offering very attractive returns to parents investing in their child's education this school season. At the same time, their neighborhood schools can earn points to redeem for technology-related products," said Dennis Mull, vice president of sales for Apple's consumer division. "Every time a parent or family member buys a qualifying Performa and Apple printer for their child during our promotion, they benefit and so could the school. All it takes is just one computer or printer purchase, to start earning school rewards."

Parents, educators, family members and friends can take advantage of Apple's Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools program by visiting any Apple authorized reseller and most major computer retail stores across the country to purchase their family computer. And because Apple's Macintosh Performa series of personal computers is customized for home use. The Performa includes a CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and modem to connect to on-line services, explore the Internet, and send or receive facsimiles. CD-ROM drives also are built-in to all Performa models, letting users take advantage of superior multimedia capabilities for combining text, graphics, sound, still images, and video. Because multimedia capabilities allow the computer to simulate the real world, educators consider it ideal for experiential learning. It's easy to simply plug in a Performa and get started.

Apple's Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools is simple:

Purchase a qualifying Performa or Apple printer, earn school rewards points, Purchase a qualifying Performa and Apple printer at the same time, receive a $100 mail-in rebate, earn school rewards points, and 50 bonus points, Assign school rewards points to any participating school, and the school can redeem points for valuable products such as an Apple Macintosh PowerBook 190 or Apple's Internet Server Solution for the World Wide Web--the Workgroup Server 6150/66.

Details of "Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools" Promotional Offer To take advantage of the back-to-school promotion, qualifying products must be purchased between July 13 and October 6, 1996. For the mail-in cash rebate, customers must purchase a qualifying Performa and Apple printer at the same time and send in the completed Rebate & School Rewards coupon along with the original (or photocopy) dated invoice or sales receipt before November 6, 1996. A rebate check will be mailed within six to eight weeks. School rewards points are earned for every product included in the promotion. The promotion applies to computers and printers, as follows:

Macintosh Performa 6200/75 8MB/1GB/4xCD/15" monitor/14.4 modem =100 points

Macintosh Performa 6205/75 8MB/1GB/4xCD/15" monitor/28.8 modem =100 points

Macintosh Performa 6220/75 16MB/1GB/4xCD/VI/TV/14.4 modem =100 points

Macintosh Performa 6230/75 16MB/1GB/4xCD/VI/MPEG/15"/14.4 modem =100 points

Macintosh Performa 6290/1008MB/1.2GB/4xCD/14"/28.8 modem =200 points

Macintosh Performa 6300/10016MB/1.2GB/4xCD/15"/28.8 modem =300 points

Macintosh Performa 6320/12016MB/1.2GB/4xCD/TV/VI/15"/28.8 modem =300 points

Apple StyleWriter 1200 = 50 points Apple Color StyleWriter 1500, 2200, 2400 and 2500 = 50 points

Apple Personal LaserWriter 300 = 50 points

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 = 50 points

Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS = 50 points

Apple Makes It Easy For Schools To Register For School Rewards Points In early August, about 144,000 local school principals and technical coordinators will receive registration information and forms in order to participate. Once schools have registered, they will receive an Apple School Rewards Kit which will include an educator guide, poster, stickers for tracking accrued points, as well as detailed information about Apple School Rewards. Additionally, schools will receive account summary statements three times throughout the promotion telling them how many points their school has earned. The first statement will be sent in early September and schools can redeem their points at any time during the promotion before December 20, 1996. Schools can also receive detailed information about registering and participating in Apple School Rewards by calling the Apple School Rewards hotline at 1-800-YES-APPLE.

Here's how the schools acquire points. When qualifying Apple products are purchased during the back-to-school promotion, customers complete a Rebate and School Rewards coupon indicating which school they want to assign rewards points to, attach proof of purchase, and mail it to Apple Computer, Inc., Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools, P.O. Box 78248, St. Louis, MO 63178-8248. It's that easy.

Program details are available by calling Apple's fax-back number 1-800-262-0329 to receive information via facsimile or by visiting Apple's World Wide Web site . Apple reserves the right to substitute or delete qualifying rebate and school rewards products, and all products included in the Cool Cash Back + Cool Tools for Schools promotion are available while quantities last.


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