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Scientific Word 2.5 for the PowerMacintosh

Scientific Word was designed with the scientific user in mind because you use familiar mathematical notation to enter your mathematics. It is a full document editor, not just an equation editor. It understands mathematics and automatically sizes, spaces, and positions symbols for you. You enter text and mathematics on a continuous screen without the distraction of popping in and out of equation boxes. While you are creating your document on screen, Scientific Word is creating an ASCII LaTeX file underneath---you never see the LaTeX (unless you want to look at the file with an ASCII text editor) and your mathematics appear in natural notation on screen. Since LaTeX is a mathematical typesetting standard in the publishing industry, the quality of your documents is outstanding.

Our Apple PowerMacintosh version contains OzTeX, a complete Macintosh implementation of TeX and LaTeX (by Andrew Trevorrow). For TeXtures users, we provide a special link that allows access to your TeXtures software.

Scientific Word costs $375 ($295 academic) for CD ROM. Add $35 for disks. (These prices apply to U.S. orders only.) Canadian customers, contact Nelson Canada at 800-268-2222 (orders), 800-668-0671 (information) or by email .

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