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Beale Street Group Announces Release of ScreenShot v 2.5


In a move to bolster the power and usability of its award-winning screen capture utility, "ScreenShot, The Beale Street Group is announcing today the release of version 2.5, a major upgrade to the utility.

ScreenShot is a "5-Mice" (MacUser) screen capture utility that allows you to grab an image of any area of your screen and save it to disk in several file formats, place it on the Clipboard or in the Scrapbook for easy pasting in your favorite applications, or print it, all with only a few keystrokes.

The new version includes an array of new features, including:

- Interface adjustments for Apple Grayscale Appearance specs. A New file format support, including TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPEG A Fully InternetConfig compatibility

- PowerMac Native

- Nudging, Shrinking, and Stretching functions for precise capture selections

- Vastly improved ability to capture under very tricky situations, especially not-so-well-behaved software and games.

The upgrade also features improved reliability with Photoshop, Illustrator, and improved Cursor Capturing and PostScript Laserwriter printing

Suggested Retail Price for ScreenShot is still only $49.95. Upgrades from version 2.0.x are $14.95 and from 1.x versions are $29.95, and are available directly from the manufacturer,.

Upgrade instructions and ordering information can be found at The Beale Street Group website beginning today. For those without WWW access, the upgrade can be obtained by phone 901/751-9333 or fax 901/278-2003.

If you would like to receive announcements from the Beale Street Group, email or fax it to 901/278-2003.


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