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Security Dynamics Offers RSA SecurPC For Powerful Encryption Of Computer Files, Download here


Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc. and announced the availability of RSA SecurPC, a powerful, easy-to-use encryption product based on the RSA Public Key Cryptosystem.

RSA SecurPC marks the first encryption product offered by Security Dynamics since the company acquired RSA Data Security last July. Now, in addition to industry-standard ACE/Server(R) and SecurID(R) user authentication products, Security Dynamics adds to its corporate risk management tools by providing proven RSA encryption technology to protect valuable information assets stored in laptop and desktop computer files. RSA SecurPC is cross-compatible, enabling users to exchange encrypted files across multiple platforms, in addition to transparently securing information throughout multinational enterprises.

RSA SecurPC's key benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use file encryption;
  • Cross-compatibility with Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh operating systems;
  • The ability for users not equipped with RSA SecurPC to decrypt encrypted files;
  • Emergency Access file recovery enables administrators to split emergency decryption authority among multiple authorities;
  • AutoCrypt enables files to be encrypted on-demand or automatically.

"To stay competitive in today's world of complex information systems, organizations continually demand ways to protect information without sacrificing their need to share that information among employees, suppliers and customers," said James M. Geary, vice president of marketing at Security Dynamics. "RSA SecurPC enables customers to turn to Security Dynamics worldwide direct and reseller channels for proven encryption technology used by over 75 million computer users worldwide."

Targeted to users ranging from large multinational corporations to small businesses, RSA SecurPC provides a combination of industry-standard encryption technology and user convenience that delivers tight security without restricting sharing of encrypted files among individuals. RSA SecurPC is designed to protect data stored on users' local hard drives, network drives, and laptop computers, and is ideal for protecting confidential data in transit via email. Cross-compatible among Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh, the product enables files that are encrypted on one platform to be easily decrypted on another. This interoperability also applies between the full-strength 128-bit RC4 domestic version and the exportable-strength international version, allowing encrypted computer files to be transparently shared with users worldwide.

"With more than 200,000 portable computers being stolen in 1995 and the proliferation of Internet `snooping' by computer intruders, IT managers are looking to protect sensitive data files on individuals' computers and local area networks," remarked Dana Ellingen, product manager at Security Dynamics. "RSA SecurPC users can easily encrypt a single file or their entire hard drive with a few mouse clicks, and then share encrypted files across platforms and international borders. When used in conjunction with SecurID for access control, organizations benefit from the enhanced security possible from the expertise of both Security Dynamics and RSA."

RSA SecurPC enables users to exchange encrypted files by giving them the equivalent of a "combination lock" for a file's secret key. A user simply provides the "combination" or pass phrase to the person who needs to decrypt the file. Users can even share secure files with individuals not using RSA SecurPC, by using SecurPC's self-extracting option. Customers are using this unique capability to deliver confidential reports to their clients worldwide, as well as to broadcast company directories to employees and to exchange other sensitive information.

Ease of use is a central feature of RSA SecurPC. It integrates into the operating system, appearing as a part of the Explorer in Windows 95, a part of the File Managers for Windows 3.1 and NT, and in the Finder on the Macintosh. On-demand file protection is always available, while the AutoCrypt function encrypts user-specified individual files and whole directories with a single keystroke, or when the user exits Windows or shuts down his or her Macintosh. For all platforms, Emergency Access file recovery by an organization's security trustees is enabled, with Private Key splitting to protect individuals' privacy.

RSA SecurPC is available immediately from Security Dynamics for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 (in December) and Macintosh for $129 per unit in single copies, with site-license discounts available. Special upgrade pricing for current RSA Secure users is $39.

Download Trial Version of RSA SecurPC .
The Trial version is fully functional (with the exception of the Emergency Access file recovery capabilities) for sixty days, after which the encryption capability is disabled, although decryption continues to function. . Upgrading from the Trial version to the commercial version can be done "in place" and does not require uninstalling the Trial version.


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