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Seldon 1.0 Decision Making Product


Seldon is IsoQuantic Technologies' innovative decision support product. They are developing both an Apple Mac and Newton version.

Seldon is the first product of its kind that can truly integrate into real world business and consumer-oriented decision making scenarios. This includes business and marketing scenario development, real estate selection, and employment screening.

A hiring manager, for example, can give Seldon preferences and criteria regarding the selection of a new employee. This information can be exported to both a job posting on the companies' Web site and the hiring manager's Newton. The hiring manager can then use Seldon to filter inquiries made at the Web site, and get real-time feedback from his/her Newton during in-person interviews.

Seldon 1.0 for the Mac will be available August 12th for around $99. A Seldon Newton package will be available October 5th for $49.