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Serialway Allows Access And Sharing of Multiple Serial Devices From Ethernet or Localtalk Network


SerialWay is a three port RS-232 serial server with Ethernet or LocalTalk interface allowing any standard serial RS-232 and/or RS- 422 device to become accessible to all Mac's on the network. All three ports can be simultaneously accessed and multiple SerialWay units can provide unlimited devices available for sharing. SerialWay offers the following benefits:

SerialWay allows easy access to multiple serial data acquisition devices from any Macintosh on the network. SerialWay works with all popular Terminal emulation applications such as MicroPhone and Z-Term. Custom application can be easily designed using development environments such as HyperCard, SuperCard or databases such as 4D (4th Dimension) and Omnis 7.

With SerialWay EN the sensors and data acquisition points can be up to a kilometer away from your Mac and you would have access to it like it was connected directly to your Mac. This is an ideal solution in process control application and for logging data from various locations.

Port selection can be done from the Chooser or automatically, by linking an application to a given port. SerialWay is compatible with System 7.x and 6.x, Open Transport, Power Macintosh, Apple Communication Tool Box.

For Developers interested in writing custom application using SerialWay, an API is also available.

SerialWay EN (Ethernet version) SRP is $799.00 and SerialWay LT (LocalTalk version) SRP is $599.00

SerialWay can be contacted at 800-999-6387 or fax 415-903-9544 .


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