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11th Annual Seybold San Francisco Largest Ever Broader Focus on the Net


In accordance with its reputation as the premier conference for the publishing community, this year's Seybold San Francisco Conference and Exhibition expanded its traditional publishing focus and offered the most comprehensive coverage in the conferences' history of the Internet and World Wide Web and the impact these two phenomena are having on the industry. With the expansion of these areas, the 11th annual exhibition held at Moscone Convention Center from September 9-13 was the largest ever.

The 372 exhibiting companies and 40,345 publishing professionals in attendance at the event spent the week attending technology seminars, courses and education labs focusing on trends in publishing and keynote sessions predicting the future of publishing in traditional, desktop and Internet markets.

"This was our most successful show to date; we've been discussing the Web publishing area for the last few years and felt that this was the year to really highlight the technology and trends," said Craig Cline, vice president of content development for Seybold Seminars. "Our conferences always have education as a focus and the added emphasis on the Web and Internet provides attendees with the latest knowledge and technologies for these growing markets as well as the traditional publishing market."

The conference was once again a launching pad for cutting-edge publishing products with more than 35 companies hosting press conferences and more than 800 members of the press attending. Online publishing product introductions included: Ikonic's Ringmaster 2.0, which streamlines editorial content coordination processes for Web publishing; Kobixx Systems' EZine Publisher, a Java-based production and management system for online magazines; and SoftQuad's HoTMetal Intranet Publisher, the first Web authoring tool to support both style sheets and extended tag sets.

New products and technologies highlights in the traditional publishing market included: Creo's new chemical-free imagers with film technology supplied by Polaroid; Imation's disclosure that it will have dry-film technology based on its Dry View medical imaging technology; and Linotype-Hell's Semi-Automatic Gutenberg, a color Computer-to-Plate system based on the recording section of the fully automatic Gutenberg CtP.

Continuing Focus on Education

As with Seybold Seminars' past conferences, this year's conference helped attendees learn how to be the most competitive and technologically savvy players in the publishing markets. Conference keynotes included Microsoft and Netscape executives discussing their respective browser products and how they impact publishing and their company Internet and intranet strategies; presentations on publishing innovations led by four industry visionaries and the annual Industry Soapbox -- led by Jonathan Seybold -- a popular session that took a look at publishing, the Internet and education.

Other featured sessions on specific technologies and products included full-day sessions on Java(tm), Microsoft, and Netscape. In addition, Seybold San Francisco offered free, on-floor educational centers such as the New Tech Labs, Intel's Education Space, MetaTools' Digital Theater and Apple Computer's Internet Showcase and digital art galleries from Macromedia, Fractal Design Corporation and Micro Publishing News.

Seybold San Francisco

Seybold San Francisco provided a complete educational resource and laboratory for today and tomorrow's publishing industry. The three-day conference, plus a full schedule of courses, seminars, technology demonstrations and exhibits, provided attendees with a solid understanding of what lies ahead in Internet publishing, computer printing and graphics technologies.

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