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ShareBox Allows Sharing of One Computer to get e-mail


Point Net Communication Inc., is shipping ShareBox, a new utility software for people who share the same computer to get their e-mail. Thousands of copies later, ShareBox continues to simplify internet life for businesses, schools and households alike.

Compatible with Eudora and Eudora Pro, ShareBox is a simple application enabling multiple users to share a single mail application on a computer to get their e-mail, without changing settings, by simply choosing their name from a list.

Efficient and easy to use

ShareBox creates a list of users, each having their password protected, personal mailbox. To define a new user, after launching ShareBox, a user needs only to fill-in the requested fields in a dialog box. To access their personal mailbox, users simply select their name from the list of registered users, then type the required password. ShareBox lauches Eudora automatically, ready to use.

An often requested solution

"People in Universities, classrooms, business offices and nowadays families have often expressed their needs to share the same mail application, on a single computer," said Jean-Pierre Boudreau, Vice President of operations, at PNC. "ShareBox will save these people a lot of headaches, by enabling multiple users to share the same computer to get their e-mail, without losing previous users settings."

Price and availability

Priced at S19.95, ShareBox is available for Macintosh(C) and Windows(C) based computers. Educational and reseller licenses will be available upon request. ShareBox can be ordered directly from the WWW :


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