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Shockwave Celebrates One Year Anniversary, Over 12 Million Downloads


Macromedia, Inc. announced the one year anniversary of Shockwave. Since its launch last December, Shockwave has become the most popular plug-in for multimedia on the Web, with over 12 million downloads. In the past year, Shockwave has brought the Web to life, adding dynamic multimedia to thousands of Web sites.

"Shockwave has grown enormously in its first year," said David Lasner, senior director of product management, multimedia and Shockwave authoring at Macromedia. "We expect over 20 million people to have Shockwave on their computers by the end of the year. To keep the momentum building, Macromedia will continue adding new features and integrating Shockwave with the hottest new technologies; maintaining its position as the ubiquitous solution for multimedia on the Internet."

Through Macromedia's distribution agreements, millions of consumers can effortlessly experience multimedia on the Internet. The Shockwave plug-in now comes as part of the Netscape Navigator Personal Edition, Netscape Power Pack, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Internet Explorer Starter Kit, AOL membership disks, and the Apple Internet Connection Kit. Shockwave can also be downloaded for free from

Over the past year, Shockwave's capabilities have expanded to include streaming live and pre-recorded audio, streamed hi-res images, 2D vector graphics and multimedia on corporate intranets. Shockwave is the only plug-in available that incorporates true interactive multimedia with live and pre-recorded audio. For example, cybersurfers can tune into a live concert while flipping through multimedia program notes, hear their favorite local radio station anywhere in the world or listen to live business presentations while reviewing corporate materials.

On its way to changing the face of the Web, Shockwave has received numerous industry accolades:

* Editor's Choice award in NetGuide - December 1996

* MVP Browser Add-ins award from PC Computing - November 1996

* Finalist for the PC Magazine Online Technical Excellence award - November 1996

* #1 Plug-in from The Net - September 1996

* Cited as "the most important thing that has happened to the Internet

since Mosaic" by Interactivity - July 1996

* Named number 13 of the NetGuide 100: 100 companies that have had the greatest impact on the development of the Internet. - July 1996

* Finalist for c/net award for "Best Internet Development Tool" - May 2, 1996

Web developers have embraced Shockwave as a way to bring their artistic expressions to life. High profile sites like Kelloggs' Corn Pops (, K-Swiss , Guinness, Toys "R" Us , Siskel & Ebert and the AT&T Olympics site re among the thousands of leading Web sites that are using Shockwave. Macromedia also showcases the newest and most innovative applications of Shockwave at in both the Shockwave Gallery and in the weekly Shockwave Spotlight. Visitors can see the latest ideas from developers from around the world or try out Macromedia's new Shockwave Digital Assistant. The Digital Assistant is a sample Shockwave application that allows Websurfers to listen to music while working on the computer and features a preview of the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. Macromedia also employs Shockwave home of the Internet's most interactive shopping center, where consumers can purchase Macromedia software, support and souvenirs using the latest electronic commerce technology.


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