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Be Ruler of Your Own Island Paradise with SimIsle


Maxis, the consumer software publisher best known for its SimCity line, announced the release of SimIsle for the Macintosh .

Originally released for DOS late last year, SimIsle lets players rule a tropical island where their decisions to explore, develop and preserve, influence not only the island's financial stability, but the happiness of native villagers and the survival of rare species. Each decision that can bring economic gain -- building a new resort, exploring hidden ruins, or mining for gold -- can affect the fragile habitat.

"SimIsle gives players an entirely new locale to develop, rule or ruin as they please," said Maxis president Sam Poole. "Like Maxis' other Sims, SimIsle is an open-ended game where the style of management is up to the player."

In SimIsle, players can order their agents to suck the island dry of its resources, or assign them to aid natives in their local agricultural practices -- or they can do both. Players can tread into moral gray zones, by inviting ecotourists to view rare species and use the proceeds to protect them.

Added to the challenge of managing the island's resources, players can take on in-depth missions. With the aid of a team of agents, players face scenarios like combating illegal drug producers or rebuilding after an earthquake. The game also challenges players to respond to events such as an oil tanker spill or the uncovering of a rare species.

Should a game reserve be built to save a local species? When will the poachers leave the island? Is the plant found deep in the jungle the miracle medicine scientists have been after? SimIsle gives players the chance to make the discoveries and the decisions.

SimIsle for Macintosh and Windows 95 will be available in July for an estimated retail price of $39.95. Further information is available from Maxis customer support at 800/336-2947 or Maxis' Web site


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