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Totally Hip's Sizzler for Microsoft Explor


Totally Hip Software Inc. announced public availability of the Sizzler ActiveX Control for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0.

Demonstrated at the "World Wide Live! Activating the Internet," a day long event on designing and building compelling web sites, the Sizzler ActiveX control will enable Web designers to seamlessly deliver a broad range of streaming animation content with multiple sound capabilities to customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

The Sizzler ActiveX Control is featured with over 100 of the most exciting ActiveX Controls in Microsoft's WorldWide Live! Site Builder's Workshop, which launches today. (

WebPainter and Sizzler software provide Web designers and novice users, one of the fastest and easiest solutions for creating and playing interactive animations on-line. With WebPainter for Windows or Macintosh, customers can quickly create animation content and export it to the Sizzler ActiveX control.

As a result, Web designers will be able to easily build web sites that contain graphically rich, animated content, which is automatically streamed down with the HTML web page document, allowing for VB Script controlled, interactive animation and sound using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

"We are pleased to be working with Microsoft and ActiveX. The release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 next-generation technology software will allow us to greatly expand the number of Sizzler and WebPainter customers," says Rajiv Aggarwal, president and chief technology officer at Totally Hip.

"Because ActiveX is so versatile to work with, we were able to create a very flexible, feature rich Sizzler ActiveX animation control which provides web designers with a considerable amount of flexibility for creating interactive animated content for the web. The Sizzler ActiveX control can be scripted with Visual Basic Script, Java or even C++ to add interactive animation to web sites. With the Sizzler ActiveX control, the designer can create multiple Sizzler animations with sound for use on a single web page."

The Sizzler Activex Control

In addition, all WorldWide Live attendees will receive CD-ROMs containing all the tools and information they need to immediately begin creating compelling, interactive ActiveX sites, including the ActiveX Controls Gallery, a collection of third-party ActiveX Controls, such as the Sizzler AcxtiveX Control.

"Our WebPainter for Windows software is fast approaching an early beta release and should be available in late August. This will allow Windows users to create ActiveX animations without having to use WebPainter for Macintosh or the Sizzler for Windows Converter tool." says Randall McCallum, chairman & ceo, Totally Hip." The demand for the Windows version of WebPainter is accelerating daily. We have been demonstrating WebPainter for Windows and the ActiveX control to various industry groups over the past 3 weeks and the response has been fantastic. We are just as anxious to make it available to customers."

The Sizzler Activex Control And Webpainter

WebPainter for Windows 95 and Macintosh, is an easy-to-use 2D web animation creation tool. WebPainter exports to all major web animation file formats including Sizzler ActiveX control, animated GIF, AVI, QuickTime as well as the Sizzler for Netscape plug-in, Sizzler Java Applet, and Sizzler for OpenDoc. Sizzler is Totally Hip's stream-based animation format.

WebPainter's 2D animation tools are simple enough for amateurs to understand and feature rich enough for creative professionals to use for their web page multimedia development. Web page designers can currently use WebPainter for Macintosh or the Sizzler for Windows Converter tool to design ActiveX animations. Their easy to use features are quickly mastered by everyone.

Webpainter For Macintosh

The commercial version of WebPainter 1.0 for Macintosh is slated for release at the end of July at an SRP of $99 US and will have a three month introductory price of $49.95 US.

You can download beta version of the Sizzler ActiveX Control software

WebPainter 1.0 beta 6 for Macintosh is currently available for free download here.


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