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New Version 1.1v1 of WWII SkyFighters Mac only, Download here


WWII SkyFighters is a Mac only, multi-player flight-sim that allows up to 4 people to fly together over the Internet. (Works great on other networks also.) We're not just whistling Dixie here, this is HOT. And you can fly for FREE*

WWII SkyFighters is the first Mac flight-sim to bring you direct, peer-to-peer support for TCP/IP. Previous Mac flight-sims required either IPRemote and an ARNS, or logging onto a server and paying hourly fees. With WWII SkyFighters, you communicate directly with each player. It's fast, it's efficient, it rocks.

With this new version of WWII SkyFighters, flying over the Internet just got a whole lot easier.

Here's how easy it is to hook up and fly over the Internet:

1) Arrange to fly with your friends at a predetermined time. (Alternately, you can find willing pilots already on the Internet.)

2) Log onto the Internet the way you normally would. Select the MacTCP or TCP/IP control panel to get your IP Address. Email your IP Address to your friend, or friends, then launch SkyFighters and tell it to 'host' a dogfight. Wait for your friends to 'arrive'.

3) Your friends log onto the Internet their normal way, and receive your email with your IP Address.

4) They launch SkyFighters, tell the program they want to join a dogfight and enter the host's IP Address.

Remember: 1) No 3rd party software required 2) No servers used 3) No sign-ups or hourly fees (Only your normal Internet connection charges)

That's all there is to it. You can be flying in no time. And there are people right now on the Internet waiting to fly with you. You can find them on IRC channel #skyfighters, or on Sim Net.

SkyFighters also includes a feature that allows you to customize the look of your aircraft. Using any PICT program you can change the paint job of your aircraft in minutes. (This is another feature not available with other flight-sims.)

SkyFighters includes 2 different WWII era aircraft, P51 Mustang or Me109. It uses a force-vector flight model for realistic flight characteristics, has smooth frame rates and requires less than 2.5 megs of hard disk space. (Not 25 megs, 2.5 megs. Imagine that.)

Bullseye Software invites you to visit their website and check out WWII SkyFighters today.

You can do all this for FREE*, you just can't shoot until you purchase WWII SkyFighters. SkyFighters is only $29.95.

Download WWII SkyFighters (except your guns will not shoot until purchased) and you can fly with up to 3 other people over the Internet.


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