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Wednesday April 16, 1997


SoftArc Second Product Line

SoftArc Inc. announced a brand new product line - separate from its widely used FirstClass e-mail and groupware solution. Now in beta, the FirstClass Intranet Server (FCIS)will offer a robust and secure workgroup communication environment completely integrated with the Internet. FCIS will natively support popular Internet protocols POP3, HTTP/HTML, Finger, SMTP/NNTP, and MIME. FirstClass Intranet Server will add seamless Internet/World Wide Web integration to the already rich messaging and groupware features found in FirstClass. Like its sibling FirstClass 3.5 (currently shipping), FCIS will offer advanced e-mail, reapplicable discussion databases, remote access,forms processing, enterprise database access, and information publishing services.

FCIS will make virtually all FirstClass features available over Internet connections. A company will be able to publish any or all of its FirstClass Intranet Server content on the Web; e-mail messages,conferences, individual mailboxes, directory services, message threading,database forms, etc. will all be available through standard browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer, as well as through the FCIS Client. Users will even be able to use Eudora, CyberDog, or other Internet mail clients to log into their mailboxes. Moreover, FCIS will offer the impressive administration capabilities of its FirstClass sibling -including access privileges, security, content expiration, and replication- making it easy for companies to automatically manage Web content.The FirstClass Intranet Client will allow hyperlinks to the Internet or other FirstClass Servers. Users can put an HTTP link (URL) into an FCIS document which will automatically launch standard browsers. Users may also configure their browsers to go directly to their FirstClass Intranet Server using a unique domain name. Finally, users can drag bookmarks from their browser to FCIS, store bookmarks, and later use bookmarks in FCIS to launch their browser and go directly to the desired Web site. &;FirstClass Intranet Server represents an exciting new addition to the SoftArc family of products,&; stated Steven Asbury, SoftArc president. &;FCIS offers all the advantages of traditional, proprietary groupware combined with the ubiquitous, open nature of the Internet - all from one application. For companies looking to build an Intranet, FCIS offers more robust features and security, easier administration, and sophisticated Internet connectivity. SoftArc has also greatly simplified its account user pricing and policy models, so FCIS can be customized to more precisely fit customer needs at a lower cost..

Pricing and Upgrades

With FCIS, SoftArc is introducing new licensing policies and mailbox pricing to simplify the sales/purchase process and reflect the universal nature of Internet usage. Licensed account users will have maximum concurrent access to the Server. Independent of these user licenses, the server also has an unlimited number of free remote accounts. These remote accounts can be assigned to any number of users, and only an authorized number (based on purchased concurrent session licenses) can be logged in simultaneously. This will allow sites to more cost-effectively customize FCIS based on how they plan to use the system.

The FirstClass Intranet Server will be offered for $999. It will include ten user licenses, two concurrent session licenses, all network and Internet protocols, and 60-days free technical support. FCIS user license swill be sold in quantities of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250, ranging from $35to $70 per license, based on volume. Additional concurrent session licenses are available for $399 each.

A free FCIS Demo (valid for 60 days) will be available for download from SoftArcs Web site, and a special Intro Server pack will be available directly from SoftArc for $299. Existing FirstClass sites may trade up to the new FirstClass Intranet Server for $299 within the first 90 days of product shipping. After 90 days, FirstClass 3.5 Servers may be traded up to the Server for $599. SoftArc is offering a variety of discount options for sites wishing to trade FirstClass Regular user licenses, Remote session licenses, and Remote user licenses for the appropriate FCIS counterparts. Please contact SoftArc or
Sterling Communications for additional information.



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