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QuickStudy! 1.3 Upgrade Includes Additional Business Support


Software Solutions announces the release of QuickStudy! version 1.3. QuickStudy! is a Macintosh on-line testing program for individuals, schools and businesses. Individuals can use the program to study and test themselves on any subject. Schools and businesses can use QuickStudy! to train and test their students or employees. Users can enter questions on any number of subjects as multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer. The program can be used by any number of users and tracks each user's results separately. QuickStudy! even provides analysis on the effectiveness of each question.

QuickStudy! is the only on-line testing program to offer all four question types, an unlimited number of users and a variety of advanced reports. In addition, version 1.3, provides a variety of new features and reports designed particularly for use in personnel screening and other business uses.

Version 1.3 Features

QuickStudy! is being used by personnel departments to test prospective employees. When a candidate claims to have knowledge of contract law, for example, a law firm can have the candidate take a QuickStudy! test. As soon as they are finished, the results are available. Version 1.3 provides a new level of user that allows a company to test an individual without showing them the answers along the way. When the test is complete, the software asks for a password before displaying the results. In addition, an actual copy of the test can be printed showing the correct answers along with the answers given by the user. In this way, the company can see which questions the user missed and how far off s/he was.

Classroom and Business Training Use

QuickStudy! is ideally suited for use in an educational setting--whether in a school or business environment. Any number of students can take tests within QuickStudy!, and a flexible password protection system provides the right access to each level of user. A variety of summary reports are available for instructors to see how all users are doing at a glance. A unique "question analysis" feature allows the instructor to determine which questions are particularly difficult for students-allowing the instructor to better cover those areas in class, or consider rewording the questions to remove ambiguity.

Many businesses are using QuickStudy! as a training tool. For example, Alex Diaz of Diaz Income Taxes in Napa, CA uses QuickStudy! to train his employees on changes in the tax laws.

Individual Use

QuickStudy! is also used by individuals such as high school, college and graduate students to study and test themselves on a variety of subjects. It is also used by individuals to prepare for tests such as the FAA written exam and the Fire Captain's exam.

Ease of Use

QuickStudy! ships with comprehensive documentation, and the program's point-and-click interface and context-sensitive on-line help make it easy enough for anyone to use.

QuickStudy! is available immediately from Software Solutions, Mountain Lake Software and other select distributors and dealers. The retail price is $89.95 ($69.95 for educational institutions). QuickStudy! works on any Macintosh with a hard drive and a minimum of 2MB of memory.


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