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Software Tracker 1.0, FileMaker Pro Based Shareware Tracking Software, Download here


D&W Media Productions announced today the forthcoming release of Software Tracker 1.0. This solution based on Claris FileMaker Pro 2.1 is designed to assist individuals and companies in the tedious task of tracking the software they own. This shareware product is aggressively priced starting at only $15.00, making managing software affordable and easy. While the Macintosh beta version is currently available from the web site, the final version for Macintosh is less than a week from release with the Windows version expected for release in less than two weeks.

D&W; Media Productions' president Darryl Wattenberg says "We're finally responding to the need for an inexpensive, simple package to track software." He continued describing the product as being the first step in creating a library of similar products designed to ease the burdens on the individual or group managing computer resources for individuals through medium size corporations. Mr. Wattenberg has based the designs for these packages from his years in consulting individuals and small companies.

"I think we have a product priced inexpensive enough to be attractive to even the tightest budgets, thanks to Claris Corporation's FileMaker Pro and CSA program and our new 'Internet Only' distribution strategy. By making the FileMaker Pro User program [runtime] available for an additional fee, the user doesn't even need to own FileMaker Pro." "By allowing users to download and receive updates and update notices through the use of a web browser, we can substantially reduce the cost of distribution to the end users. We have eliminated the more costly seeding to online services and bulletin boards." Mr. Wattenberg then added that conventional media would also be available for a fee if the user does not have internet access. Users interested in the Software Tracker packagewill find info at the web site.

Download the shareware

Download the Beta of version 1.01


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