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Exclusive Deals for MacinStuff Times Readers

Macintosh Joker Book & Disk. Save up to 90%

Farallon special deal on Timbuktu Pro 3, Save $99

QUED/M 3.0 Text editor. MacinStuff Times Price of $69

Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Pilot. Save 40% MacTech Magazine. Save 60%

Special TimeSlice 1.5 offer for The online MacinStuff Times! FREE copy of Yank 1.3 or, TransData and 800-SAY-WHAT

No Not Batman - The "Joker"

The Macintosh Joker comes with a disk containing 33 harmless prank programs to play on other Mac users. Its list price is $19.95, but you can order copies for as little as $2 each!


Individual copies of the book cost $6 a piece, but if you order an entire box of 15 copies, you pay just $30. At that price, these make great gifts for all your Mac friends, and they're superb door prizes for user groups.

Both prices include taxes and 4th Class delivery within the United States (for shipping charges elsewhere, send email). For Priority Mail service, send a total of $9 for one book, or a total of $50 for a box of 15.

Send cash, check, or money order payable to Owen Ink. For proper fulfillment, you must specify the book(s) you are ordering. Mail your order to:

Owen Ink, 2227 15th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94116-1824

You may also send questions/comments via electronic mail to:

America Online, CompuServe

Farallon Special offer for MacinStuff Times Readers

The NEW release of Timbuktu Pro 3.0. Version 3.0, which now includes Dial Direct modem to modem support, was just introduced on September 3, 1996.

This offer is for any and all MacinStuff Times members to purchase the new Timbuktu Pro 3.0 at the super-low upgrade price normally extended only to registered owners of Timbuktu Pro.

Timbuktu Pro 3.0 Single Pack (UPSW400P) $49.95, normally $139

Timbuktu Pro 3.0 Twin Pack (UPSW402P) $99.90, normally $189

Included as an extra bonus is a FREE copy of either Doom II or the Apple Remote Access Personal Server. (up to a $189 value)

To take advantage of this offer, just call Farallon's upgrade center and give the Farallon representative the MacinStuff Times VIP code

MacinStuff Times VIP Code: 925I

Telephone: 800-662-9036

For more info on Timbuktu 3.0, visit Farallon's web site at


Special Offer on QUED/M 3.0:


The Text Editor you've used and loved for over 10 years is now pumped up with improvements and hot new features. You can now get QUED/M 3.0 for a special MacinStuff Times price of just $69.00. (plus shipping and handling)

QUED/M 3.0, the QUality EDitor with Macros from Nisus Software Inc., is the only choice when it comes to text editing on the Macintosh. Now the newest version of QUED/M is PowerPC Native and includes Symantec and THINK Project Manager Support, Metrowerks CodeWarrior Support, QuickDrawGX printing, System 7.5 Drag & Drop, PLUS a powerful new programming dialect, dynamic Coloring of C/C++ keywords/comments, Rectangular and Non-contiguous Selection. It also includes Celestin Company's APPRENTICE 4 FREE! That means when you order QUED/M 3.0 you get over 600 source files and dozens of utilities to help you code better and faster.

This MacinStuff Times special is only available from Cyberian Outpost "The Internet Mail Order Store." Five ways to order: * Special URL* Use this special URL address for the fastest and easiest way to order your QUED/M 3.0

* Special e-mail address:. (Include your credit card information)

* Phone Orders: Just call 800-856-9800 or 203-927-2050. 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM

For More Information about QUED/M 3.0: Nisus Software Inc. 800-281-0101

Paul Cary
Director of Marketing
Nisus Software Inc.

Metrowerks Deals for MacinStuff Readers

1. Pilot(TM) 5000 Bundle

With the release of CodeWarrior for Pilot (CW for Pilot), we are pleased to offer to all CodeWarriors a bundle consisting of the new high-end Pilot 5000 One-Touch Organizer from U.S. Robotics(R) and CodeWarrior for Pilot for US$399. We think this is one of the best bundles we have put together for our users because:

Great Value - You get: CW for Pilot US$ 299.00 Pilot 5000 369.00 Debugger Cable 10.95

Total Value US$ 678.95


You SAVE 40% US$ 279.95

Programmable - The Pilot 5000 is programmable with CW for Pilot which uses the CW9 IDE with our 68328 compiler. No new tools to learn!

Mobile Apps - Using CW9 and CW for Pilot, you can build apps for Mac(TM) or Win deployment and extend these apps to mobile computing with the Pilot. Your desktop apps sync up with your Pilot seamlessly at a touch of a button. The Windows(R) conduit is available now. The Mac version will be available by the end of summer, and it will be included on CW for Pilot DR3.

2. MacTech(R) Magazine Offer

We get asked all the time by new and existing users of CodeWarrior about magazines for programmers for the Macintosh(R). We are very pleased to announce that we have arranged with Neil Ticktin, the Publisher of the largest circulation Macintosh programming magazine, MacTech Magazine for a discounted 12-month subscription for only $29 -- almost 60% off the cover price! That's 12 issues packed full of vital developer information, for the lowest price ever!

We hope you enjoy your summer and these special deals from Metrowerks and :"The online MacinStuff Times" : -).

Jean Belanger Chairman

Metrowerks Corp. 2201 Donley Dr. tel. 800-377-5416 Suite 310 512-873-4700 Austin, TX 78758 fax 512 873-4901
To take advantage of the MacTech offer, contact:
* Web site -- - This is a special Web page just for this offer * E-mail your name, address and credit card info to: * Toll free number, 800-MACDEV-1 (U.S. and Canadian) - 805-494-9797 for foreign customers * Fax: 805-494-9798

Special TimeSlice 1.5 offer for Readers of The online MacinStuff Times!

Purchase TimeSlice 1.5 from Maui Software for the regular price of $49, and receive a FREE copy of Yank 1.3 (an uninstaller and Preference folder cleaner, $15 value), or a free copy of TransData (data translation tool, $10) and 800-SAY-WHAT (decodes telephone alpha characters to numeric characters, $5). Hurry! This offer 11/11/96.

Here's how to purchase TimeSlice and get your free software.


  • Download the TimeSlice DEMO from Maui Software's web page
  • Fill out the order form, and put at the top of the order form: "The online MacinStuff Times" and specify whether you want Yank, or TransData and 800-SAY-WHAT.
  • Send the order form with your payment to Maui Software. We will then send you the full working version of TimeSlice along with your free software.

    TimeSlice is an easy-to-use commercial time-tracking and billing application for recording time tasks on the Macintosh. TimeSlice is useful for consultants, programmers, attorneys, graphic designers, or anyone who bills for time, or just wants a simple solution for keeping track of time events.

    No more lost billable hours! TimeSlice pays for itself with the first week of use, if not sooner. This is what Kelby D. Bowers of Compublishing in Cincinnati, Ohio has to say about TimeSlice: "TimeSlice has proven invaluable for us. As graphic designers involved in multiple projects, it is easy to lose track of time. TimeSlice not only accurately tracks our time on each job, but has proven to be a great productivity booster by allowing us to follow the time we spend on every phase of a project."

    Some of the features include native PowerMac code, multiple active time sessions, export and print time records, set budgets, complete user's manual in Adobe Acrobat format, and more.

    System Requirements:

    System 7 or aboveAdobe Acrobat for the user's manual

    Maui Software
    189 Auoli Dr
    Makawao, Maui, HI 96768

    fax: 808-572-2406
    web page:


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