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Specular & Netscape Announced Licensing of WebHands Pre-built Artwork, Access here


Specular International, a provider of 3D and Web-based authoring products, and Netscape Communications, announced a licensing agreement today that allows visitors to Netscape's Web site free access to Specular's unique WebHands&endash;high-quality pre-built artwork that greatly speeds the creation of high-impact Web pages. The deal allows any visitor to Netscape's Web site , a royalty-free license to use the WebHands in their personal or corporate Web page.

Included in the collection are seamlessly tileable background textures, 3D buttons, 3D bullets, rules and other web-based graphics. All WebHands are professionally designed for use on the web, with optimized palettes and transparency information, and can be immediately dragged and dropped onto a Web page with both the MacOS and Windows versions of Netscape's Navigator Gold.

The full collection of over 1500 WebHands is an integral component of Specular's 3D Web Workshop. Released in May 1996, 3D Web Workshop is a powerful set of tools for creating high-impact Web pages using 3D graphics and animation. In addition to the WebHands, 3D Web Workshop includes Specular TextureScape for creating background textures, 3D buttons, bullets, and rules, Specular LogoMotion for creating 3D text, objects, scenes, and animations, and Vividus Web Workshop. All the WebHands included in 3D Web Workshop are provided both as optimized GIFs, ready to drop right onto a Web page, and in native file formats which can be fully edited and customized&endash;giving Web designers complete design control.

From the Netscape Specular page:

Netscape and Specular have teamed up to bring you this royalty-free selection of Specular WebHands, which you are welcome to use free of charge in your Web page. All WebHands are fully optimized with transparency information, and ready-to-use with Navigator Gold in your page. Also, every single WebHand can be customized or animated within 3D Web Workshop, which includes over 1500 WebHands that can be used royalty-free.

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