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Casady & Greene Spell Catcher


Casady & Greene, Inc., developers software for over eleven years, will introduce several major new product releases at the Boston Macworld Expo in August, 1996. Casady & Greene's booth will be located in the Bayside Expo Center this year, Booth 1400.

Just released - New for Macworld Expo:

Spell Catcher The long-awaited update to former Thunder 7. This program is a spell-checker, thesaurus, glossary and work-saver in one. Spell Catcher works within all Macintosh programs, even e-mail and Netscape Navigator.

Let's Keep It Simple Spreadsheet A new simple, yet powerful, spreadsheet - 4 stars Macworld Magazine 9/96 Let's KISS offers an easy alternative to traditional spreadsheets. Drag and drop technology is used to "build" all calculations. Charts, graphs, graphics, and text may be easily and quickly generated. Pre-built templates are included for commonly-performed tasks, i.e. retirement planning, expense reports, inventories, and many others.

Macworld Game Hall of Fame A rare collection of game classics on one CD. Includes 5 Macworld Magazine Game Hall of Fame-winning entertainment tiles: Glider 4.0, Crystal Quest with CritterEditor, Mission Thunderbolt, Sky Shadow, and Crystal Crazy.

Stepping Stones You'll swear the characters in this new entertainment title resemble the toys from the bottom of your old, childhood toy chest. The whole idea is to help the robotic little guy, Ted, escape from the infinite maze of blocks, smiley faces, copters, etc. into the rainbow escape hatch. All levels of challenges for all ages. Highly unusual graphics.

Unreleased products being demonstrated by C&G; - Watch for them in the Fall of 1996.

Origami, the Secret Life of Paper This intriguing, edutainment title demonstrates the thousand-year-old art of paper folding through QuickTime movies, art galleries displaying over 100 art projects, hands-on folding projects, history lessons, and more, in this graphically- exquisite product. Free Origami paper is included in package plus step by step instructions on how to make recycled paper into hand-made origami paper.

Reflex, for the Newton A marvel of convenience for the Newton user, Reflex cuts down on the number of pen clicks needed to perform tasks on the Newton. It offers many pre-defined and customizable shortcuts and will be a boon to the Newton the way macros are to the PC.

InfoGenie 2 This fast, efficient data storage and retrieval program has been updated to include many new features such as the global find and replace feature for which so many users have asked. This feature will quickly search through all or a select group of datafiles for your desired information. Adding timely functionality is the Web Address feature which helps users store and locate thousands of web addresses along with detailed notes of those sites. Users can capture web site addresses straight into customized datafiles and then re-launch the site using Netscape's Navigator or MicroSoft's Internet Explorer - from within InfoGenie itself.


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