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Upgrade to former Thunder 7, Spell Catcher Released


Casady & Greene, Inc.announced the release of Spell Catcher™a spell-checker, thesaurus, glossary and word-saver in one product. Spell Catcher, written by Evan Gross, is the upgrade to what was formerly Thunder 7 and works on all Macintosh programs, including e-mail and Netscape's Navigator™, to improve document output.

There are two methods of spell-checking offered - Interactive and Batch. Interactive spell-checking "watches" while the user types, alerting them with a beep when a spelling error, double word, or capitalization error occurs. This mode can make alternate spelling suggestions on the spot. Traditional batch spell-checking will check an entire document for errors all at once.

Spell-Checker's comprehensive Thesaurus can improve documents while assisting writers with word selection. The Word-Saver feature saves keystrokes to help recover data in the event of a crash or power failure.

The Shorthand Glossary feature can speed up a user's typing by using shorthand macros for commonly used phrases. Spell Catcher automatically expands shorthand notes. For example "Vty," can become "Very truly yours" automatically.

Laura Kunysz, Executive Vice President at Casady & Greene, states, "Spell Catcher is the ultimate writing tool. It makes people look good. Spell Catcher has dramatically improved the quality of all my work - from memos to e-mail. The shorthand glossary has become an indispensable tool, automatically adding my complete address to the salutation and closing in my correspondence. What a great tool for improving the quality of the written word!"

Sharon Z. Aker, a long-time Thunder 7 user and editor for the Macintosh Bible states in this publication's 6th Edition, "Spell Catcher (formerly Thunder 7) is one utility I absolutely can't live without . . . a smooth, unobtrusive utility with an elegant interface that's totally customizable . . . It's an absolute must-have for anyone who does anything more that the most casual of writing on the Mac."

Suggested retail price: $79.95. Competitive product and Thunder 7 upgrade prices available.


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