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Game Sprockets 1.0 Released


Nine months from its inception, Apple Computer, Inc. today announced immediate availability of Game Sprockets Version 1.0--a new developer-driven software development kit (SDK) to create advanced multimedia and Internet-enabled games for MacOS computers. Using Sprockets, all games that run on Mac OS-based computers can feature real-time 3D graphics, 3D sound, Internet support, speech recognition, and input device/monitor control.

The Apple Game Sprockets are designed to simplify the creation of high-performance Apple Macintosh entertainment titles and are available royalty-free to all interested parties. Over 4,000 developers have downloaded and provided feedback on the beta version of the SDK. The 1.0 version of Game Sprockets may be immediately obtained from the Apple Game Developer Web Site .

Game Sprockets--named to reflect the extensible nature of the SDK--are application programming interfaces (APIs) designed to both solve problems that every game developer faces, and provide easy access to advanced features like 3D sound and speech recognition that would be too time consuming for most game companies to develop on their own. Apple Game Sprockets supplement existing Apple multimedia technologies such as QuickTime, QuickTime VR, QuickTime Conferencing and QuickDraw 3D. Developers can 'mix-and-match' individual sprockets to best enhance and complement the existing features of their title.

"Our goal is to have the best version of any game title to be the one on the Macintosh," said Ben Calica, senior product manager of game technologies for Apple Computer, Inc. "The Game Sprockets programming team and SDK are essentially a 'hit squad' for game developers--they're our way of helping developers build great games for the Mac. Developers have a limited amount of time before they have to ship games for each Christmas season and I'd rather give them more time to make a title great, then simply 'making it work'. We have already registered over 4,000 developers who are currently evaluating Sprockets--it promises to be a great time for Macintosh games!"

"SoundSprocket was easy to add to our almost-finished application and the 3D sound creates a richer, more immersive game-playing experience," said Brian Fitzgerald, president of Future Point, developers of Warcraft 2 for the Macintosh for Blizzard Entertainment. "All games on the Power Macintosh should use SoundSprocket!"

"We are very pleased that Apple understands that games are a special class of application--one with unique needs and issues," said Tom Utiger, project manager for Wirehead Systems. "Game Sprockets relieve the game developer from having to write custom routines to do common, game-oriented tasks. We are especially happy with Apple's commitment to cross-platform development as shown by their development of 3D RAVE for the Macintosh and Windows 95 and the forthcoming NetSprocket for Windows 95. Wirehead is currently using RAVE and NetSprocket in a cross-platform game we are developing and it enabled us to proceed and code much faster than would otherwise have been possible. Of course, the real reason we like the Game Sprockets is because they are most righteous and non-bogus!"

The current Game Sprockets SDK includes: NetSprocket - Internet connectivity and multi-player gaming API SoundSprocket - 3D sound and Sound Manager API SpeechSprocket - speech recognition API InputSprocket - digital joystick control and input device API DrawSprocket - multiple buffering/display control API QuickDraw 3D RAVE - fast, multi-platform 3D graphics API

Game developers interested in learning more about Apple Game Sprockets should email Mark Gavini, Macintosh Games Evangelist. Product marketing information may be obtained from Ben Calica, Senior Product Manager.

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