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Spyglass Internet Connectivity Products Enable Web Connectivity from Virtually Any Device


Spyglass announced Internet Connectivity products as part of its new three-tiered product strategy, which is designed to bring the wealth of information on the World Wide Web to the masses from virtually any device. Spyglass' three-tiered product strategy was announced today in a related announcement as part of the company's aggressive push into the Web-device marketplace.

Spyglass Internet Connectivity products provide device independent software that can be embedded inside a wide variety of devices that allows them to access and publish information on the Internet. The product line was created because Internet access devices have varying requirements that need to be met before they can be Web-enabled.

"Internet access devices are not all created equal. Some of these devices have enough CPU, RAM and display capabilities to make it practical to run Internet Connectivity software right in the device. Other devices have very limited resources and cannot support an embedded application," said Randy Littleson, vice president of marketing. "To meet these varying needs, Spyglass Internet Connectivity products provide device independent browser and server software that can be embedded inside a wide variety of devices, offering a wide-range of scaleability and flexibility."

Among the Internet Connectivity products offered in Spyglass product strategy are Spyglass Device Mosaic, Spyglass Remote Mosaic, Spyglass Mosaic, Spyglass MicroServer and Spyglass Web Server:

-- Spyglass Device Mosaic - Spyglass Device Mosaic is an extremely modular, fully functional, thin Web browser designed for devices that have enough CPU power, memory and display functionality to support an embedded browser. Examples of these types of devices are computers, network computers, televisions and set-top boxes. Device Mosaic will be available on real-time operating systems (RTOSs) such as pSOS, QNX and OS-9. Device Mosaic is delivered as a software development kit. It is scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 1997.

-- Spyglass Remote Mosaic - Spyglass Remote Mosaic brings Web browsing capabilities to devices that have limited CPU, RAM or display capacity. Examples of these devices are PDAs, phones and pagers. Remote Mosaic comprises two components: a light-weight viewer which resides in the device, and a proxy browser that runs on a server operated by the service provider. The viewer is integrated with other personal information management (PIM) applications in the device and runs seamlessly along side them. The proxy browser runs on a UNIX or Windows NT server and can support hundreds of users simultaneously. The viewer and the proxy browser work together to provide full Web browsing capabilities for users of this technology. Remote Mosaic is scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 1997.

-- Spyglass Mosaic - Spyglass Mosaic is a modular, yet fully functional, Web browser software development kit for personal computers. Spyglass Mosaic is the core technology in Microsoft's Internet Explorer and other commercial browsers, and, today, enjoys greater than 35 percent marketshare for computer browsers. In most situations, the Mosaic browser will connect to the Web via a proxy server (such as SurfWatch ProServer) to alleviate performance bottlenecks and control access to Web content. Mosaic runs on Windows, UNIX and Macintosh computers. It is available now.

-- Spyglass MicroServer - Provides a small footprint Web server with the features necessary to support management and control of devices such as copiers, printers, hub/routers and manufacturing equipment. MicroServer supports a flexible API for dynamic content creation to manage and control such devices. The server's architecture supports multiple users independent of the underlying RTOS. Spyglass MicroServer is delivered as a software development kit. It is scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 1997.

-- Spyglass Web Server - The high performance Web Server enables content publishing using industry standard HTTP protocols. Flexible security (SSL, PCT) and support for widely accepted APIs (CGI, WinCGI, Microsoft ISAPI, Spyglass ADI) make it easy to integrate Web-server functionality with a wide variety of applications. Spyglass Web Server is delivered as a software development kit. It is available now.


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