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New DVD Technology Produces Two Speaker Playback of Six Channrl Digital Audio (AC-3)


In an announcement that promises to again raise the standard of audio realism in personal computers, SRS Labs the world leader in 3D audio, on Monday unveiled their newest in a line of innovative technologies, TruSurround.

Specifically designed to take advantage of the new audio standard for DVD, Dolby Digital (AC-3), TruSurround processes the six discrete channels of digital DVD audio into just two channels, while retaining all of the original audio information. The result is an incredible 3D sound experience unparalleled in the computer multimedia market today. As the leading licensor of 3D sound technologies, SRS Labs is poised to make TruSurround the new audio standard for multichannel audio and DVD.

In a simultaneous release, Chromatic Research announced that it is the first SRS Licensee to implement TruSurround. Chromatic Research will integrate TruSurround in its next release of Mpact mediaware software which will be introduced in the first quarter of 1997.

The first public demonstration of this new technology is at COMDEX, which is being held this week in Las Vegas. Attendees at COMDEX will be able to hear a demonstration of TruSurround as well as Chromatic Research's Mpact Media Processor at the SRS Labs booth located on the upper level of the Sands Convention Center in space M1477. OEMs interested in licensing TruSurround can obtain information from an SRS Labs sales representative at the SRS Labs Booth at COMDEX or can call the SRS Labs offices at 800/243-2733.

TruSurround is based on proprietary Head Related Transfer Function-based processing (HRTF), which was researched and then patented while under development at Hughes Aircraft, one of the world's leading engineering companies. Like SRS, TruSurround offers the benefits of a completely natural 3D sound image with no limitations.

"SRS Labs' 3D sound technologies have been designed to give consumers a more realistic listening experience and give our licensees a much needed edge in their competitive marketplaces," explains Steve Sedmak, president of SRS Labs.

"The introduction of TruSurround continues this business philosophy. Developed as part of an ongoing technology program, TruSurround is another example of our unwavering commitment to offering our licensees competitive market advantages through new and improved technologies that support state-of-the-art and emerging advancements.

"As DVD promises to proliferate the computer marketplace, TruSurround can provide Chromatic Research and other SRS Labs licensees the ability to provide their customers with the most realistic and powerful multimedia sound experience possible."


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