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SRS 3D Sound Becomes Audio Standard For Power Computing's Latest Systems


SRS Labs announced that Power Computing is the latest computer manufacturer to take advantage of the powerful enhancements of SRS 3D Sound technology.

The first products from Power Computing that include the SRS technology are the newly announced PowerBase 180, 200 and 240 models. These MAC OS compatible systems, based on Motorola's PowerPC 603e microprocessor, are expected to begin shipping this month.

In addition to SRS 3D Sound, the PowerBase systems take advantage of several 3-dimensional technologies including 3D accelerated graphics capability, 3D RAVE and 3D RAGE (technologies developed to optimize drawing capabilities).

Targeting education, consumer, small-office/home-office, and enterprise client marketing, Power Computing feels that PowerBase is the first Mac OS system that both out-performs and costs less than other comparably configured systems.

"We are proud that SRS technology has been chosen by such an innovative company as Power Computing," said Stephen Sedmak, president of SRS Labs. "Their new PowerBase systems combine the most advanced features with one of the fastest microprocessors available on the market."

"Power Computing is delivering systems that are less expensive and higher performing than their Intel-based counterparts," explained Bill Goins, Power Computing's director of product marketing. "The inclusion of SRS 3D Sound significantly enhances the overall value for our PowerBase customers."

Positioned as entry-level systems, PowerBase provides users with a wealth of bundled features and hardware traditionally available only with higher end systems.

All PowerBase models ship with a base configuration of 16MB of RAM (upgradeable to 160MB), a 256K upgradeable Level 2 Cache, a 1.2 GB IDE internal hard drive, an internal 8X CD-ROM, three PCI Slots, an upgradeable 3D accelerated graphics sub-system featuring 2MB of DRAM upgradeable to 4MB, extended keyboard and over $1,200 of bundled software.


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