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SRS 3D Sound Included in New Generation of Macintosh Performa's


SRS Labs Inc. today announced that its flagship technology, SRS the Sound Retrieval System ("SRS"), is included in Apple's new Macintosh Performa 6400 Series of Computers which was introduced at the recent MACWORLD Expo in Boston.

The Performa 6400 is Apple's first mini-tower designed specifically for the home. The advanced multimedia capabilities of the Performa 6400 series include a 16-bit (audio CD quality) stereo sound system featuring SRS, Sound Retrieval System, 3D sound enhancement.

"We are very excited about the Performa 6400," stated Steve Sedmak, president of SRS Labs. "This is the first computer implementation of our proprietary technology which features a subwoofer built-in to the system itself. Apple has once again shown its innovation by further enhancing the computer multimedia experience by providing unparalleled audio realism."

The Performa 6400 models combine Internet access customized to the individual, an innovative multimedia learning system, SRS 3D sound with integrated subwoofer, and low-cost options that let customers run Windows or turn the computer into a video editing studio that anyone can use.


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