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StereoGraphics SimulEyes VR; Leading 3D Eyewear for PC


StereoGraphics Corp. today announced that it had achieved broad scale industry support for its SimulEyes VR 3D eyewear.

The company cited the following news: on-board SimulEyes support from major 3D accelerator chip and graphics card vendors, over 50 stereoscopic 3D games currently in development and announcements of Microsoft DirectX(TM) and Apple Sprockets stereo vision support at the 1996 intermediaWORLD and E3 shows, respectively.

Already, graphics vendors such as Rendition, S3, Alliance and others are sampling SimulEyes-ready 3D graphics chips to their customers, meaning cards from major manufacturers will be on the shelf in time for the holiday season.

In addition to lowering the cost to consumers for the glasses, the cards will offer much higher refresh rates to eliminate any flicker one might see, even under brightly lit conditions.

"SimulEyes is an essential component of the 3D experience and if you're using it with our miroMEDIA 3D board, with 60Hz per eye support, you'll experience 3D like never before," commented Jim Anderson, vice president of worldwide marketing for miro Computer Products, AG.

With over 500 people enrolled in StereoGraphics' developer program, a steady stream of new games is on the way. Such companies as Interplay, Nova Logic, Eidos(TM) Software and dozens of others are working on titles for this holiday season and early 1997.

And, with API level support built into Windows 95 DirectX and Apple Sprockets(TM) APIs, software development will soon move beyond games into multimedia, education, Internet, CAD and other productivity applications.

"Our developer program has been extremely successful. We invest heavily in developers so SimulEyes customers will have a steady stream of new SimulEyes compatible applications," said Craig Rappaport, product marketing manager for StereoGraphics.

"We've sent our programmers around the U.S. and even to Europe assisting stereoscopic software development. We offer seminars, developer support, and code review to ensure SimulEyes compatible software is compelling, realistic, and comfortable to view."

"We were amazed by StereoGraphics support for our development of In Pursuit of Greed," said David Bowman, vice president of marketing with Softdisk Inc.

"Our progammers gained a much deeper understanding of stereoscopic techniques by working alongside StereoGraphics' programmers. As a result, we're integrating SimulEyes support in several new titles, including Birthrite coming out this fall."


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