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Storeys 3d Spreadsheet goes into Beta, Download here


Profunda has released Storeys is a new three-dimensional spreadsheet. The company states that when working in the third dimension, you do not have to spend time linking several documents together.

In Storeys you would place 12 budgets (e.g. the sales reports for the salesmen in a company - covering a whole year) behind each other in the same document. This allows you to save time, because you do not have to paste category labels, formats or formulas into 12 different documents, also Storeys is capable of importing Excel 4 documents.

Having entered the data, you may save time, as you can now calculate down through the block of data (get average, sum, minimum, maximum) just by a single mouse click - and you do not have to link several documents to perform these statistical calculations. You are vorking in the same document all the time.

Three-dimensional calculations are at once updated when you add new months - wittout you having to maintain or update any links.

In Storeys you can copy and paste in 3D. This means that you can now change numbers or formulas placed in the third dimension - and you might also produce a diagram showing three-dimensional data.

Download Storeys

Download the Storeys Manual


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