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StormCloud Announces WebDBC 3.0, Download Developer Version


StormCloud Development Corp. announced WebDBC 3.0, a major upgrade to the company's Web/database application development tool. WebDBC 3.0 meets the ever-increasing demands of both Intranet Webmasters and production Web site developers, and raises the bar in its category with its breadth of features. WebDBC 3.0 is the only single tool on the market that empowers Web application developers to create sites containing Java-, HTML-, and Visual Basic-based Web applications backed by any standard database engine. Vendors of existing client/server applications can also take advantage of the product's new enterprise features to extend their systems to the Web. The new version of WebDBC will start shipping next month for Microsoft Windows NT and 95, with other platforms available shortly thereafter.

"WebDBC is the only product to address the varying needs of non-programmers, Webmasters and enterprise developers," said Morgan Belford, president and founder of StormCloud. "Our newest upgrade brings all levels of developers enhancements such as support for Visual Basic and JDBC, session variables, integrated e-mail and file uploads and management."

Powerful New Features

WebDBC 3.0 has a series of new features intended to help both enterprise site Webmasters and departmental Webmasters create dynamic, data-driven Web sites. These include:


  • Visual Basic Support - Developers can now embed Visual Basic applications and functions into their Web pages for JIT (just-in-time) compilation and execution on the server.
  • JDBC Support - With WebDBC, application developers can always employ the right user interface for the job, implemented with either Java or HTML. Developers can now write Java applications that make JDBC calls to WebDBC.
  • Session Variables - For sophisticated Web applications that need to track user state, WebDBC provides integrated session variables.
  • File Upload and Manipulation - For browsers that have file upload capability, WebDBC can accept uploaded files and manipulate them on the server æ even insert them in a database.
  • High Performance File Caching - Repeatedly processed WebDBC pages are now cached for improved performance on high-traffic Web sites.
  • Scalability - WebDBC provides the scalability to meet the needs of the most demanding Web sites, including an upgrade path to Unix versions.
  • Expanded Application Creation Wizards - WebDBC users can create applications immediately using their existing databases, with no programming required.
  • Integrated E-mail - WebDBC applications can now dynamically send e-mail directly from Web pages, via either SMTP or MAPI.

"The increased functionality with WebDBC 3.0 makes creating dynamic content incredibly simple," said Jason Korzen, developer for digitalNATION , a Web development company based in Alexandria, Va. "Its new e-mail and Visual Basic string and math functions allowed for the quick development of sophisticated sites for organizations such as the Georgetown Alumni Association, The ASCII Group and the Naval Reserve Association."

Dynamic Intelligence for Web Sites

WebDBC 3.0's Visual Basic support opens a world of possibilities to production Intranet and Internet Web site developers. By embedding full Visual Basic applications and functions into Web pages for execution on the server, developers can use VB to do complicated file manipulation and to talk to ActiveX server components, such as existing OLE Automation servers or custom-designed ActiveX controls. WebDBC's JDBC support lets developer create a powerful mix of dynamic Web pages and data-driven Java applications. Acting as a server-side JDBC-ODBC bridge, WebDBC 3.0 delivers the ability to build Java applications that include JDBC functions to access databases via WebDBC. WebDBC's JDBC support eliminates the need to buy additional client-side JDBC software or separate "bridge" software. WebDBC 3.0 also provides easily defined session variables for advanced Web applications that need to track user state. With WebDBC, session variables are held in memory for better performance and automatic management. The product's other performance features include database connection caching, WebDBC page caching and JIT compilation technology.


WebDBC 3.0 will be available in three versions: EZ, Enterprise and Engine. WebDBC 3.0 EZ, designed for Webmasters of dynamic public Web sites and departmental Intranet sites, includes extensive Wizards and templates to get new users up and running quickly with their existing databases. WebDBC EZ is priced at $595 per server for unlimited users. WebDBC 3.0 Enterprise includes the features in EZ, but also adds Visual Basic support, JDBC support, and session variables, and is intended for developers of production-level Internet or Intranet sites. The full-featured WebDBC 3.0 Enterprise is priced at $1,295 per server for unlimited users. Finally, WebDBC 3.0 Engine is available to OEM vendors for their use in extending existing client/server systems to the Web. WebDBC 3.0 Engine's features may be tailored to meet the needs of the OEM customer. The WebDBC family of products can be purchased directly from StormCloud at (206) 812-0177 and through resellers worldwide.

Developer's versions of StormCloud's tools and applications can be downloaded from the StormCloud Web site.


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