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StyleScript 3.0, True Adobe PostScript for HP Printers


GDT Softworks Inc., announced the development of StyleScript 3.0. The new version of StyleScript will provide genuine Adobe Level 2 PostScript support for the Hewlett-Packard DeskWriter 660C and 600 and the DeskJet 850C and 855C printers. StyleScript 3.0 will also continue to support PostScript printing on the Apple StyleWriter series of printers. StyleScript 3.0 is slated to ship Aug. 1, 1996.

"This new version of StyleScript delivers the only true Adobe PostScript printing solution for the Hewlett-Packard DeskWriter and DeskJet printers, along with the currently supported Apple StyleWriters." said Mike Blackstock, GDT president. "The product is ideal for desktop publishing enthusiasts who want high-quality printed output and design professionals looking for an affordable PostScript proofing machine."

With StyleScript 3.0, PostScript graphics are sharper and text stays crisp and easy to read at virtually any size or orientation. Clip art users and anyone needing to print crisp, clean EPS images, will benefit from StyleScript technology.

"StyleScript 3.0 will maximize users' investment in their Hewlett-Packard and Apple StyleWriter inkjet printer," states Blackstock. "The powerful combination of StyleScript and the HP and Apple inkjet printers offer users the most inexpensive means of PostScript printing."

StyleScript 3.0 includes 13 standard PostScript fonts, and supports all Type 1 and TrueType fonts. StyleScript requires System 7 and uses 5 MB of RAM and 5MB of hard disk space.

StyleScript 3.0 will be available worldwide through traditional distributor channels, mail order catalogs, and other retail outlets at a suggested retail price of US $149. Upgrades from previous versions of StyleScript will be available for US $49.


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