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Summary Of 16 Apple Key Announcements at Macworld

Apple Performance Speed Boosts

Apple's New Power Macintosh Family Boosts Performance to 200MHz; Includes Powerful Multiprocessor Desktop Model - Systems Support Speeds Up to 250MHz; Processor Upgrade Card Speeds Existing Selected Power Macintosh Systems to 180MHz.

Apple introduced significant performance increases to its Power Macintosh product line. This increased power is provided by the new RISC-based PowerPC 604e microprocessor from Motorola, Inc. and IBM that offers speeds of up to 200MHz. Apple also unveiled its first multiprocessing desktop model, which features dual PowerPC 604e processors running at 180MHz to greatly improve performance on compute-intensive tasks. In addition, Apple announced that a 180MHz PowerPC 604e stand-alone microprocessor card will soon be available to enable customers of selected Power Macintosh systems to move to 180MHz performance.

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Apple Breaks New Ground; Offers Affordable Desktop Multiprocessing Power Macintosh

Building on its commitment to provide customers with industry-leading, high-performance computing, Apple announced a multiprocessor (MP) configuration of its high-end Power Macintosh line of personal computers - the Power Macintosh 9500/180MP. The 9500/180MP provides customers with the top of the line in speed, performance, expandability and upgradability, allowing customers to dramatically and cost effectively increase application performance - significant news for professionals who use compute intensive applications for graphics, video, Web authoring, 3D rendering and CAD/CAM.

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Apple Announced Shipment of Cyberdog 1.1

On August 8, 1996, Apple announced the shipment of Cyberdog 1.1, Apple's Internet suite of OpenDoc-based components, offering improved functionality and a host of new user interface features and performance enhancements for Internet and Intranet access. Cyberdog 1.1 will be available within the coming week on the Internet (

Key Features

A new Cyberdog 1.1 component allows web browser support of third-party plug-ins written for Netscape Navigator on a Macintosh computer. This late alpha component is available separately on the Cyberdog web site (URL listed above). Other Cyberdog 1.1 features include the ability to import bookmarks >from Netscape Navigator and mail and addresses from Qualcomm's Eudora. A new HTML embed tag allows OpenDoc components to be included in web pages and viewed with the Cyberdog browser. Message reading is improved through new mail browser features. In addition, Cyberdog 1.1 supports PowerPC and 68040 microprocessors, allowing it to run on a wider range of Macintosh computers.

Apple also announced that Cyberdog 1.1 users can gain wider and easier access to web sites running Java applets thanks to Apple's new Java runtime system. Macintosh OS Runtime for Java integrates Sun Microsystems' Java technology with the Macintosh OS, OpenDoc and Cyberdog. Cyberdog 1.1 users can view today's many Java-enhanced web sites with Macintosh OS Runtime for Java and its accompanying applet player. The player, an OpenDoc component, can also be used to embed live Java applets into Cyberdog 1.1 documents. This alpha version of Macintosh OS Runtime for Java is available free on the Internet (


Cyberdog 1.1 is being distributed free of charge on the Apple web site. Apple plans to integrate the final version of Macintosh OS Runtime for Java into future versions of the Macintosh OS.

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Apple Adopts MacBench 3.0 Processor Score to Rate Macintosh OS System Performance

On August 6, 1996, Apple and MacUser magazine, a Ziff-Davis publication, announced that Apple will adopt MacBench 3.0 Processor Scores from MacUser's Processor Rating Program. MacBench, developed and maintained by the Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation (ZDBOp), is the industry standard for rating a Macintosh OS system's performance.

The MacBench test suite is a subsystem-level benchmark that measures the processor, disk, graphics, CD-ROM, and floating point performance of a Macintosh OS system. MacBench's key tests mimic the way today's top-selling Macintosh and Power Macintosh applications work with these subsystems. Ziff-Davis publications use this same testing software when they measure the performance of Macintosh OS systems.

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Apple Introduces Powerful, Easy-to-Use Video Editing and Publishing Solution - Avid Cinema Combines Exceptional Ease of Use and Affordability to Make Anyone a Digital Video Producer

Bringing the power of digital video technologies to home, education and small business users, Apple introduced Avid Cinema, an easy-to-use, affordable digital video editing and publishing solution. Developed by Avid Technology, Inc., an industry leader in digital video editing systems, in conjunction with Apple, Avid Cinema is an integrated hardware and software solution that includes everything the customer needs to create and edit digital video movies on Macintosh Performa and Power Macintosh systems.

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Apple Personalizes Internet Navigation - Personalized Internet Launcher Service Helps Customers Get What They Want From the Internet

Helping to make the Internet a personal information source, Apple Computer introduced the Personalized Internet Launcher, a free service that makes it easy for users to find and organize high-quality Web sites that match their personal interests. Using information the customer supplies either when electronically registering a new Macintosh Performa computer, or from an on-line form, the Personalized Internet Launcher automatically searches a database of thousands of Internet sites, guiding customers to sites of the highest quality and most interest to them.

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Products Using OpenDoc Technology Debut at Macworld; CI Labs Introduces Live Objects Validation Kit

Only eight months after OpenDoc Version 1.0 was introduced, OpenDoc technology-based products are entering the market. Sixteen Live Objects were introduced at Macworld, and many more demonstrated throughout the show, including interoperability with popular APIs and operating system platforms.

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Apple Ships OpenDoc 1.1, Apple Live Objects Essentials Kit and Software Developer Kit 6.0

On August 7, 1996, Apple announced speed and ease-of-use improvements for OpenDoc component software, with an updated version of OpenDoc and the 1.0 shipment of selected versions of the Apple Live Objects Essentials Kit for Macintosh OS.

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Apple Announces QuickDraw 3D RAVE 1.1 for the Macintosh OS, Windows 95 and Windows NT

On August 6, 1996, Apple announced that a new version of its cross-platform 3D graphics Toolkit - QuickDraw 3D 1.5 is expected to be available by the end of September. The award-winning, QuickDraw 3D application program interface (API), which will be available for the Macintosh OS, Windows 95 and Windows NT, is designed to provide real-time, interactive rendering for simple 3D models and makes real-time 3D graphics as easy to use as text and 2D graphics. Apple also announced that QuickDraw 3D RAVE (Rendering Acceleration Virtual Engine) version 1.1, is now available for the Macintosh OS, Microsoft Windows '95 and Windows NT platforms. Introduced in February of this year, QuickDraw 3D RAVE is the foundation technology used in QuickDraw 3D and provides ultra fast, real-time, workstation-quality 3D graphics on both Power Macintosh computers and PCs.

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Apple Announces QuickTime Conferencing 1.5

On August 7, 1996, Apple announced QuickTime Conferencing (QTC) 1.5, the latest version of Apple's multi-platform industry-standard product family for multimedia communication and collaboration over the Internet.

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Apple Extends QuickTime Conferencing Technology to Windows Platform

On August 7, 1996, Apple and Intelligence at Large (IAL) announced that IAL will develop a Windows version of Apple's QuickTime system extension. QuickTime Conferencing (QTC) is Apple's multi platform industry standard for online multimedia communication and collaboration.

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America On-Line and Apple Strengthen Strategic Relationship

On August 7, 1996, Apple and America Online announced that the partnership between the two companies is moving forward, offering Macintosh users dramatically improved AOL content and services. Apple has expanded the bundling of AOL software on its personal computers and has launched a renewed corporate presence on the AOL service, Apple on AOL. America Online is proving its rededication to the Macintosh platform by announcing the public preview of America Online version 3.0 for Macintosh at Macworld Boston 96, which takes full advantage of the speed of the Macintosh PowerPC and features a new integrated Internet browser, among other improvements.

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Leading Software and Peripheral Vendors Offer Savings on Top Products for Macintosh Computers and Apple Servers (Macintosh Coupon Book Promotion)

Apple Macintosh customers now can save up to $2,500 on award-winning third-party software and peripherals, with the Macintosh coupon book. Apple, in conjunction with 14 vendors of Macintosh-compatible software and peripherals, has compiled an extensive coupon book that provides significant discounts on numerous products. The participating vendors are each award winners in their respective product categories and represent an elite group of business products that are especially ideal for small businesses.

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Leverage Technology To Your Competitive Advantage - Seminar

Attend a presentation illustrating how Apple technology can be used to your competitive advantage.

Attendees will learn about rapid changes in todays organizations, next generation technologies, persuasive multimedia, anywhere anytime computing and Internet/Intranet solutions.

Dates And Times

Reston, VA September 11 Dallas, TX October 15 Boston, MA September 24 Chicago, IL October 17 Seattle, WA October 8 Atlanta, GA October 29 Santa Monica, CA October 10 New York, NY October 31

This one-day workshop will run from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm with a lunch break >from 12:30 - 1:30 pm.

Who Should Attend?

Department heads in the enterprise marketplace, small business owners and education customers.

For More Information

To register or to obtain additional information call 1-800-527-7539, or refer to the Internet

Powersoft International User Meeting And Training Conference

The fifth annual Powersoft international user meeting and training conference, co-sponsored by Apple, will be held this month in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Attendees include a highly qualified audience of over 4,000 PowerBuilder business and education developers and MIS professionals. This year's conference, themed "Exceed the Limits," will focus on the challenges that are specific to the rapidly changing client/server industry.

Powersoft will be featuring their next-generation technologies: - Internet Development - PowerBuilder 5.0 - Sybase SQL Anywhere - S-Designor 5.0 - Optima++

The conference also will feature PowerBuilder developer sessions and more than 100 Powersoft partners displaying hundreds of client/server, and Internet-related products.

Apple's booth will feature: - Apple Technologies - Cross platform environment applications (PowerBuilder 5.0, Macintosh, and DOS Compatible) - Component technology such as OpenDoc and Cyberdog - Internet/Intranet transition to the Web.

Dates And Location

August 18 - 22, 1996 Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Registration Information

Cost to attend is this seminar is $1095. To register, call the Powersoft conference registration line at 617-647-1661, or visit the Powersoft's events and seminars section on the Internet

Client/server Development Seminar With Apple And Powersoft

Powersoft and Apple will sponsor a seminar on the PowerBuilder 5.0 solution in several cities starting on September 4, 1996. Attendees will learn how to use PowerBuilder as the most efficient client/server development environment for heterogeneous platform integration and how to develop applications once and execute across any number of platforms or environments.

The seminars will run from 9:30 am - 4 pm with a lunch break from 12 - 1:30 pm.

Locations And Dates

Santa Monica, CA September 4 Chicago, IL October 9 Dallas, TX September 11 Seattle, WA October 22 Reston, VA September 18 Atlanta, GA October 30 New York, NY September 25 San Francisco, CA November 6 Boston, MA October 2

For More Information

To register call 1-800-753-9628, ext. 200 (seating is limited)

More information on the Apple Market Centers is available on the Internet (

Lotus Notes Symposia Series Begins August 21

Beginning August 21, 1996, Apple will sponsor the second half of the "1996 Lotus Symposium Series." The Lotus Symposium is a free, one-day conference dedicated to helping business customers understand and implement Lotus messaging and Intranet solutions. At the Lotus Symposium, discover how businesses and organizations are using Lotus Notes to gain unprecedented competitive advantage.

1996 Lotus Symposium Schedule:

Date City Location

August 21 New York NY Sheraton
September 5 Toronto Toronto Convention Center
October 10 Minneapolis Grand Hyatt

Each symposia comprises of a series of full-day conferences featuring two tracks of breakout sessions - "Intranet and Business Solutions" and "Messaging Infrastructure Track". There also will be a Solution Expo, where our business partners will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions. In New York, GWI Software, TeamWorks Corporation, Eden Communications and ErgoTech will be participating with Apple in this event.

Apple will present a breakout session titled "Workflow Applications for Notes" that will demonstrate how to create solutions when combining Notes, Notes APIs, the Mac OS, OpenDoc and the Newton 2.0. Applications to be showcased include a typical publishing example using LotusScript/AppleScript to create a complete workflow solution.

Who Should Attend

The Lotus Symposium is ideal for all business and technical managers interested in enterprise messaging, intranets and collaborative business solutions.

For More Information Or Reservations

Call 1-800-327-6148, 24 hours a day


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