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Sunburst Communications Licenses Web Workshop from Vividus Corporation


Sunburst Communications has partnered with Vividus Corporation to develop its newest educational product for children, Net Explorations with Web Workshop. Net Explorations with Web Workshop is the first retail CD-ROM that lets children quickly and easily create content-rich personal websites for the Internet, without knowledge of HTML or other Internet programming languages.

"Vividus is well known and highly respected for its powerful creativity software for children," said Warren Schloat, Chief Executive Officer of Sunburst Communications. "Sunburst's educational content and Vividus' robust product design have combined in a powerful tool that lets kids learn while they enjoy the creative challenge of building their own web pages."

Sunburst Communications is the first licensee of Vividus' Web Workshop application software. Sunburst has contributed educational content to the product, enhancing the underlying Vividus software. "Net Explorations with Web Workshop is a great example of partnership at work," said Lloyd Leanse, Vividus' Vice President of Business Development. "We chose Sunburst as our first partner for this product because of the company's excellent reputation and strengths in the education market."

Net Explorations with Web Workshop is distributed by RandomSoft and will be available at software stores such as Software Etc., Egghead, and Electronics Boutique, office superstores, membership, and bookstores and media retailers. Sunburst's School Version of Web Workshop has also been released, which is geared specifically for teachers and includes teachers' guides for classroom use.

About Sunburst Communications

From its inception, Sunburst Communications has held a vision of helping teachers and students with an open-ended, creative approach to learning. Founded in 1972 as an educational filmstrip and supplementary print materials company, Sunburst was an early player in the educational computer arena. Since 1982 the company has been consistently setting standards in the educational technology industry. Sunburst has published over 250 titles for the K-12 market in mathematics, science, language arts, early elementary education and problem-solving. Sunburst software is used in over 70% of US schools.

To meet the increasing consumer demand of their product, Sunburst has teamed with RandomSoft, the multimedia product sales and marketing division of Random House, to broadly distribute their titles to mass consumer audiences. Sunburst and RandomSoft will bring four home/retail products, A to Zap!, Type to Learn, Book Workshop and Net Explorations with Web Workshop, to market in September, 1996.

The suggested retail price for Net Explorations with Web Workshop is $39.95. Net Explorations with Web Workshop runs on Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and Macintosh 7.1 systems.


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