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Sun Microsystems Launches Java Financial Object Xchange


Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the launch of its Java Financial Object Xchange (J.F.O.X.) . J.F.O.X. provides a centralized forum for Java developers and technology managers to exchange Java-based information and software components that are uniquely suited for use by the financial services industry.

J.F.O.X. offers its members a wide variety of technical resources to facilitate software development and promote advanced implementations of Java and distributed object technologies. Membership is free. J.F.O.X. members have easy access to Java classes, applets and applications posted by contributing members. All posted software is free and is intended to demonstrate useful Java functionality as well as the capabilities of the contributing developer or firm.

Members can send comments and questions directly back to contributors via a direct e-mail link. Prior to being posted, software is pre-screened by the J.F.O.X. evaluation team to ensure quality and applicability. "Sun is committed to helping developers build sophisticated applications that can be re-engineered quickly to respond to the constantly changing requirements of the financial services community. Java and reusable objects are key technologies for this type of development," said Rob Hall, vice president of World Wide Financial Services Team, Sun. "J.F.O.X. enables developers to create financial applications faster by providing a library of Java and reusable object building blocks that everyone can share and improve upon."

"J.F.O.X. helps us to introduce our Java-enabled applications to a wide audience of developers and end users who are looking for financial services components," said Tom Jasek, VP and general manager, financial services division of TIBCO, Inc. "We are very enthusiastic about the increased product visibility and demand, and we anticipate receiving a great deal of feedback from high-level users in the banking industry." J.F.O.X. maintains a vast library of technical white papers, late-breaking news items, press releases and a membership roster to help promote discourse among participants. J.F.O.X. helps developers share experiences and learn how to take advantage of the new Java APIs and distributed object methodologies. The web site includes a bulletin board, discussion group, and live special events with featured Java guests and experts.

"We have long called for a direct communication channel between financial services developers," said Mark Luppi, senior vice president of trading services at Lehman Brothers. "There is clearly a need to set industry standards for software common to all financial institutions, to enable developers to focus on applications that differentiate the underlying services offered by these organizations." Members can move through the J.F.O.X. web site in one of two ways.

A graphically based palette of icons offers an easy way to browse the site and get a complete picture of the scope and breadth of its content. For members already familiar with the site or those that are looking for specific information, a powerful search engine is available at the control panel on each page. J.F.O.X. encourages participation from vendors, customers, users and research institutions (for a current list of members please see the J.F.O.X. web site).


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