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SuperCard Multimedia Authoring Tool Now Internet Enabled New Interface


Allegiant Technologies, Inc. announced SuperCard 3.0, a powerful new upgrade to it's multimedia authoring tool. Scheduled to ship within the next 30 days, SuperCard 3.0 includes an all new, easier-to-use interface and fully integrated support for Allegiant's Web browser plug-in, Roadster.

"With this release we are responding to two key audiences: new users, who are attracted to SuperCard because of its power, flexibility and value, and our installed customers, who are attracted by the unlimited potential of delivering their SuperCard content on the Web using our Roadster plug-in," explained Stuart Henigson, Allegiant's VP of Marketing.

To make the product more approachable, SuperCard 3.0 features the Project Editor, a single editor that combines the functionality of a project overview and object-by-object editing. Key features of the new interface include:

ClickScript, which automates the generation of thousands of common scripts through it's "point-and-click" interface; Property Inspector, for changing standard properties of objects, including size and position;

New Tools and Colors palettes for faster object creation; Project Browser, for organizing primary elements of projects such as windows, menus and resources; Completely rewritten documentation, including a new Script Language Guide-delivered both on paper and on-line-that represents the most comprehensive guide ever produced for a HyperTalk-based language.

"In addition to the gains in ease-of-use, the breadth of features in SuperCard 3.0 make it the most powerful and efficient multimedia authoring software for anyone creating media-rich Internet applications, training courseware, content titles, or custom applications," added Sean Baird, Product Manager for SuperCard 3.0.

Among the new multimedia and application development features in SuperCard 3.0 are:

  • User-defined properties
  • Visual effects within objects
  • Support for URLs for all reference media, to facilitate "one-click" Web deployment
  • Continuous sound playback; ** Powerful extensions to SuperCard's ability to display external media, including enhancements that increase performance, reduce memory and permit graphics to be displayed within any polygon graphic
  • Color icons; ** File format support for GIF, JPEG, BMP and ART-compressed graphics
  • Dozens of new script language enhancements.

---Integrated Web authoring with Roadster ---

SuperCard 3.0 also breaks new ground by completely integrating a Web development environment within a major multimedia authoring tool. Users can select whether a new document will be deployed on the Web with Roadster, on the desktop, or both. For Roadster projects, the SuperCard 3.0 environment provides a browser emulation mode for design and debugging, including the ability to simulate various modem speeds, as well as automatic creation of an HTML document to embed the project.

Allegiant Roadster is an Internet Browser plug-in that Allegiant has been publicly testing for several months on its Web site . Roadster lets developers deliver truly interactive multimedia applications within popular Web browsers by supporting all relevant aspects of SuperCard's multimedia power and scripting language in a single plug-in. That multimedia power is augmented with unique script control over media pre-loading and caching - for maximizing Internet bandwidth and providing more complete control over a viewer's Web experience.

Roadster was first announced at the Boston Macworld Expo in August 1996, and provides a more streamlined approach to developing compelling Web sites than scripting complex HTML pages, programming in Java or requiring viewers to download multiple plug-ins.

"There's never been a more versatile tool for building compelling Web sites and applications than SuperCard 3.0. With an easier-to-use, more efficient Project Editor, brand new documentation and the ability to deliver projects with Roadster, we're reaching out to customers who have only dreamed of this kind of power in an affordable authoring system," Henigson said.

The Company plans to ship SuperCard 3.0 in the fourth quarter of this year. The upgrade price from all previous versions will be $99.95. The estimated selling price for SuperCard 3.0 will be $329, with educational pricing of $129.95. Customers who purchased SuperCard 2.5 after November 1, 1996 will be entitled to a free upgrade. Site licenses and Educational Lab Packs are available.


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