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Symantec 1st Java Visual Rapid App Tools for the Mac


Symantec Corporation announced that a preview of the first Visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for visual Java development on Power Macintosh is now available. Now Macintosh developers can use Java to develop applets and applications on their preferred platform.

"Apple is very pleased that Symantec, a respected Apple partner for Java Development tools, is bringing a new level of ease-of-use in Java development to the Macintosh market with Visual Cafe," said Larry Tesler, vice president of Apple's AppleNet Division. "About half of worldwide web graphic design is done on Macintosh computers. It is great to see Symantec's continued commitment to the Macintosh platform demonstrated by this significant product release. With Symantec's launch of this compelling Power Macintosh product, we can expect Java developers to create many exciting and dynamic Java applets that enliven those Mac-developed web pages."

"We feel that the Macintosh is a very important platform for Internet development. A large percentage of web development is currently done on the Macintosh and we are committed to providing the highest quality development tools for the Macintosh market," said Mansour Safai, general manager of Symantec's Internet Tools Division. "Visual Cafe is going to make a difference for Macintosh developers by allowing them to easily create Java applets and applications on the platform of their choice."

Key features for the Power Macintosh version include:

* RAD Visual Tools designed exclusively for the Java programming language, allowing the easy creation of Java applets and applications using drag and drop of visual elements on the screen;

* An extensive component library of pre-built Java components;

* A WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Java form designer which allows you to see Java applets as you build them, including live support for Java layout managers;

* Interaction Expert which allows users to easily specify interactions between visual elements using drag and drop;

* A full-featured project management environment;

* A fully featured integrated graphical debugger, including data browsing, call stack and thread monitoring capabilities.

Other features include a high-performance native compiler which functions several times faster than the standard Java compiler so turnaround is virtually instantaneous and an integrated Just-In-Time compiler speeding up Java execution by up to 15 times.

Visual Cafe Preview Release 1 for Power Macintosh is now available for free download to anyone on the Symantec Cafe website . The final product is currently expected to be available in the Fall for an estimated retail price (ERP) of $199.95. The Component Library and custom user component development is currently expected to be available in the final release. Symantec also offers Visual Cafe for Windows 95 and Windows. When the final product is released, registered Symantec Cafe users will be able to buy Visual Cafe for Windows 95/NT and Power Macintosh direct from Symantec at 800-441-7234 for $69.00.


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